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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Because We All Need Some Randomness In Our Lives..

1. I was disappointed that he didn't win, but can I just say I love Taylor's new single?

And...uhhh...never mind. I shall say no more. xD

2. I just realized that in the next Hobbit movie, we're going to see Sherl....I mean Smaug talking to Wats....I mean Bilbo.

That just made me really excited.


3. I just got a decal from this amazing store called Decal Drama. I can't wait to have it set up on my wall.

This is mine. Isn't it just FRABULOUS?!

4. I found the first episode of season two (of Doctor Who...DUH) really pro-life. Those cat nurses create human beings for their purpose of pretty much chucking them in the garbage after using them (like the stuff they do with Petri dishes and making babies nowadays which is just wrong) and they call them "the Flesh" and don't believe they're human. But the Doctor is all, "YOU'RE SO EVIL!!! THEY'RE HUMAN!!!" and cures them all and then everyone is happy. :) :)

5. I love David Tennant's Doctor. He's HILARIOUS.

But I still miss the Ninth Doctor. :(

Hugs and unicorns,
- Alyianna <3


  1. Eeeee yes Sherlock Smaug and Bilbo Watson! That will be so fun. That is a really pretty decal. Glad you're continuing to enjoy Doctor Who! Oh yes, there are some really great parts like that about life once in a while. Ten is my Doctor but Nine was my first - love them both. <3

    1. Eeeekers. :) :D :) :D

      Yeah, after getting so pleasantly surprised by Ten, I can't wait to see Eleven...and Twelve. ;)


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