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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Things Lost & Things Revealed

I'm going to end with the "Things Lost" because [cues Anne Shirley's voice] it's soooo tragic to end on a sad note, don't you think? ;)

Three of my friends and I did a French study group together yesterday. I'll back up first and go back to two of the girls, who happen to have the same name.. The first actually happens to be the sister of a guy I knew (the class-clown type) back in high school, and she actually graduated the same year I did! And yet I never knew her - funny how these things happen. She likes to go by "Red". The other, I don't know as well, but I'm starting to get to know her better. She's in my history and French classes.

Back to the study group thing. The day before, J. asked me in math class how school was going, and I answered that it was okay, but that I had to study for a French test tomorrow. He asked if I wanted to study French with him, and I was a little confused. A. I totally forgot that he was in my French class at the time. B. I'm thinking, "Do I want to study just with a guy?" That's my excuse for what happened after this - I wasn't thinking properly. I answer with something like, "_____, ______, and I are going to study French tomorrow at could drop in if you want?" He said, "Sure." I said something like, "Do you have FaceBook so I could let you know where it's going to be because I don't know yet?" Honestly, I say some of the DUMBEST things sometimes. He wrote down his phone number with no response. I still  have it in my pencil case, but after what I found about him, I'm considering ripping the piece of paper into a million tiny little pieces.

Gina (name I made) and Red were REAL pleased when they heard about J. Of course, they didn't blame me or anything because they're some of the loveliest girls I have ever met. :) Red brought along her friend Sara (different name), and in addition to our French studying, we had some discussion about J. Gina told about all these annoying things J. is doing (before this discussion, I had found him kind of funny, but it was getting annoying - Sara said the same), and Red told about how when he always plopped down beside her in French class he would insult her, make fun of Christians, and talk about inappropriate things. For example, supposedly he got this girl pregnant when he was 16 (he actually told me about "his 'ex' and his kid leaving for Germany" around Thanksgiving). What an eye-opener! And in math class today, he comes in the middle of class, whistling while the teacher is talking, and later on grabs my notebook and writes in his "perfect handwriting" (cursive): "From J.: Radical Face - "Welcome home". Whatever that means. Before that, he grabbed my iPod and started looking at it to see what music I listen to. The annoying thing is, I still find him somewhat funny, but then he does things like that are SO ANNOYING.

Confused. GAH. Grrr.

Anyway, back to our lovely French study group. We asked each other French stuff, and it was pretty awesome. We sat in the hallway of the basement in the student building because hardly anyone ever comes down there. The other three talked a bit about TV shows and celebrity crushes (aka Benedict Cumberbatch from Sherlock). I didn't know most of the things they talked about, but I enjoyed it and had my own things to say from time to time.

Now on to le tragicness.

So even when my dad decided he doesn't quite like Once Upon a Time, I still had a hope in me that someday he would change his mind. But all that was quenched on Sunday evening when my mom read an article that the producers are now putting homosexual stuff (with Mulan) in.

At first, I was really mad. Really, really mad. How dare those stupid media people taint something so wonderful to me? And I got some devil-temptation stuff about mean thoughts.

But then I remember Rumpelstiltskin and thought, "No. I'm not going to want to have other people feel pain just to make my pain feel better. Those little things from OUAT that help me be a better person. ;)

Perhaps I can get my dad into allowing me to watch the seasons from back before the show went all bonkers, but if that doesn't work out, I have to at least get the episode Skin Deep. It is the BEST episode ever seen in television history - along with the one in which Albert follows peer pressure and has a trouble with morphine in Little House on the Prairie.

My fault…what are you talking about my fault? You shut her out. You had her love, and you shut her out! She's gone, and she's gone forever. She's not coming back. And it's your fault! Not mine! You are her father! It's your fault! It's your fault! It's your fault!

Saddest scene ever. I get chills all over when I just listen to the music for that scene.


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  1. Really???? Come on! Le tragicness? Like, tragic in French?


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