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Monday, October 28, 2013


Oh? It's you. What? Oh, right! Sorry...*ahem* About me. Right (in a British accent). 

I had my very first French Oral today. It's this big occasion where we have no class, go to the prof's office, and read a "paragraph" of words and answer some questions in French. I did quite well, so I feel very pleased with myself. ;) :) Plus, I got to actually have dinner at home today. Mia (aka Lucia) had ballet today, so Daddy and I had to eat alone, but it's a huge advantage over eating in class.

And...I'm watching Doctor Who. As you all know. I just have to say that "Alien Invasion" and "World War III" are FREAKIN' AMAZIN'. Even I was scared. Those aliens are really creepy. And...MAN, I love these two. :)

The Doctor and Rose
I've changed my mind. I don't want to be Belle anymore. I want to be the Doctor's companion. And one day, if he comes my way and chooses me above all of you, I'll be really generous and bring one of you in different turns on different quests. And if the Doctor insists that's too domesticated, he'll just have to live with it. And all of you will love me, I know. ;) ;) ;)

I've watched a couple more clips from Sherlock. Rei...Reichen...Reichenbach...*gulp*...Fall...*sobs*

*calms self down for a moment*

Moriarty is the most amazing criminal. Ever. In fact...he's KING of criminals.

Ha...get it? *hehe* sense of humour is terrible, I know.


Sherlock, left; Moriarty, right
Sherlock: Why are you doing all of this?
Moriarty: It’d be so funny.
Sherlock: You don't want money or power, not really. What is it all for?
Moriarty: I want to solve the problem. Our problem. The Final Problem. It's going to start very soon, Sherlock. The Fall. But don't be scared. Falling's just like flying except there's a more permanent destination.
Sherlock: Never liked riddles.
Moriarty: Learn to. Because I owe you a fall, Sherlock. I. O. U.

Three bullets. Three gunmen. Three victims. There's no stopping them now. Unless my people see you jump. You can have me arrested, you can torture me. You can do anything you like with me, but nothing's going to prevent them from pulling the trigger. Your only three friends in the world will die. Unless—

Sherlock, are you okay?
Turn around and walk back the way you came.
No, I'm coming in.
Just. Do as I ask. Please.
Stop there.
Okay, look up.

Oh, God.

I— I— I can't come down so we'll just have to do it like this.
What's going on?
An apology. It's all true.
Everything they said about me. The newspapers were right all along. I want you to tell Lestrade, I want you to tell Mrs. Hudson and Molly. In fact, tell anyone who will listen to you. That I created Moriarty for my own purposes.
Okay, shut up, Sherlock. Shut up. The first time we met—the first time we met—you knew all about my sister, right?
Nobody could be that clever.
You could.
I researched you. Before we met I discovered everything that I could to impress you. It's a trick. Its just a magic trick.
No.     Alright, stop it now.
No. Keep your eyes fixed on me. Please, will you do this for me?
Do what?
This phone call, it's... it's my note. That's what people do, don't they? Leave a note.
Leave a note when?

Goodbye John.

I was so alone and I owe you so much. Please, there's just one more thing. One more thing. One more miracle, Sherlock, for me. Don't be... dead.

Now I'll go before I start flooding my laptop keyboard. Because that wouldn't be a good thing. It would probably break it.

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