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Friday, October 25, 2013

Hummingbird Portions at Buffalo Prices

I feel really good.

My midterms are done and over with.

The English one was a lot better than I thought it would be, and I feel that I'll do well. The math one - not so good. One girl sitting beside me who is really good in math even left one question blank because it was so difficult. For that question, and another, I tried to do some logical reasoning to come up with an answer sort of like: "By using logic, this could perhaps be the answer, but don't ask me to reason any further because I don't have much of a clue of what this question is asking me to do." I'm hoping that I could maybe pull off an 80%, but that would probably be the most I could do. One girl in my class said she left half of the test blank, so at least my effort is a point for me...hopefully.

Now I just need to hope I do well on my big French oral.

But other than that, I feel like

And thinking about what the future could hold for me feels like

instead of


I suddenly had a one-quote-leads-to-another-leads-to-another moment. Like this:

Regina: What are you?
Rumpelstiltskin: What, what, what? My, my, my, what a rude question. I am not a what.

This gif sends me into giggles. :P

Lucy: But what are you?
Mr. Tumnus: I...I'm a faun.

Eustace: Is there a British consul here?
Pug: A which?
Eustace: Not a witch. A witch is a woman! A British consul!

Eustace: UGH! What on earth's that? Take it away, the horrid thing.
Me....errrr, I mean Reepicheep: ON GUARD, PULTROON!!!!!!!

I thought it would be fun to look back at some of my FaceBook statuses and post them on here. Just for fun. ;)

About an hour ago: Listening to Once Upon a Time soundtrack for Season Two. I am in complete and utter bliss. — listening to Cora's Waltz.

2 hours ago: The moment when you realize that a pattern of water on your kitchen counter has created a smiley face, even complete with eyebrows. Made my day. 

Yesterday (a share):
A little grim, but I am curious.

October 20th:
My sister asked my dad at brunch today if he would go on the big slide at the Stampede next year.

My dad: I don't need such silly exhilaration at my age.
Me: *laughs* Haha...silly exhilaration.
Mia: Oh...I thought you said you didn't need such silly accelerations at my age.

#mydadisawsome #mysisterisawesome

October 19th: 
Event: My sister is going to bed.
My dad: "Let there be bed...and there was bed."


October 19th:

October 17th:
Pa: "I thought with all that fancy writing on the menu that there would have been more food, though! It's like hummingbird portions at buffalo prices!"

- Little House on the Prairie TV show

Yup. You got the definition of restaurant, Charles Ingalls.


Good night from a person who is not going to fall asleep any time soon although she must go to bed now.

P.S. My mom asked me to go get her a can of cocoa powder from the basement a moment ago. I went downstairs to put some tennis rackets away...and then came up without the can.

Conclusion: My brain is not thinking.

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