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Monday, October 7, 2013

Blogging Challenge - A Song That Makes Me Happy (Day Three)

I think I shall post about songs that give me feels for this one. They make me feel happy and sad at the same time and make chills run up and down my spine and arms, which makes me feel cold but also happy because something is just so beautiful.

There are several of such songs (keep in mind, there are other songs that make me happy - I'm just focussing on one type).

The Huntsman (from Once Upon a Time soundtrack)
This is also one of my mom's favourite from the OUAT soundtrack. HOW COULD REGINA HAVE KILLED GRAHAM? *sobs hysterically*

I also love "Rumpelstiltskin in Love" from the OUAT soundtrack, but I couldn't find it in Blogger's YouTube search. (How pathetic, Blogger!) Oh, poor, poor Rumple. :(

And my newest favourite. (When I found out there was a soundtrack for Season 2 I was like:
No,  I don't approve of Glee but this gif pretty much sums up my feelings.

And then there's Frodo and Sam music from LOTR. ;) Such as

The Breaking of the Fellowship (from The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack)


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