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Friday, October 4, 2013

Awards, Uncomfortable Subjects, and Boys

Me with my Osca....uhh, never mind.
I can't believe it's already four weeks into the first semester, and yet it also feels like it's been much longer. I'm already for summer break. ;)

There was an Awards Night at college yesterday. I was there for my two awards - the President's Circle (which everyone who is in there first year, has a certain high school grade, and takes five courses gets) and another scholarship which is a BIG help and I never thought I was going to get. The really cool thing is that I met a girl last night who ALSO got the latter scholarship. We both thought it was only for one person. We also both thought that the thank-you cards we wrote for our donors was nothing in comparison to what they have done for us.

Another surprise - I think I told you that when I was still with the Novus Order youth group for the church near us, a deacon sometimes came and "hang out" with us - Deacon Lukas. He left the parish a little while ago because he became a priest and got his own parish. Guess who was at the ceremony? ;)
He's Father Paul now, and he recognized my family and I right away. Father Paul stopped and chatted with us for a few minutes on his way out. It was a VERY nice surprise. :)

Chaucer in A Knight's Tale...properly
 clothed. *cough cough*
Yesterday was pretty eventful even without the ceremony. The first surprise was in the morning during English class, and wasn't so nice. We're reading some of Canterbury Tales, and our teacher decided us to show us this clip from a fictional movie in which Chaucer (who has lost everything - even the clothes on his back) comes up to these peasants pretending to be lords, and he....errrrr....has no clothes on his back, to use the phrase. Everyone else seemed to find it pretty funny.

Later, Math ended half an hour early, which was REALLY nice. Rosalind and I sat on the couch in the building where our math class, the lockers, and the cafeteria are. (To interrupt my own story - much like the Wife of Bath in Canterbury Tales - last week, I forgot my lunch and had to get something from the cafeteria. I got a tiny bit of food for $4-5. I was not happy.) I read my history and Rosalind charged up her cellphone. All of a sudden, Rosalind asks me if I want to talk about something, so I say, "Sure, if you want," being a little surprised. Rosalind asks, "Do you like any guys?" Me: "Uhhhhhhhhh....", very much caught of guard. I mean, there are several cute guys on campus, such as the the four guys who always sit in front of me and these three girls in math class that I'm too shy to say hi to. There's James in my math and French classes, who's short, has brown-ginger hair, Greek, knows German, seems to know everything, likes searching for music, and is a funny guy. I find him very fun to be around. However, I don't necessarily like any of them in that way. I just wish I wasn't so shy around guys and don't warm up until I'm spoken to first because I know from experience in high school that guys can be pretty awesome friends. ;) Except that one personage in high school who was very proud (maybe like Mr. Darcy, but I would never want him as my Mr. Darcy, if you get my meaning :P)...and that one guy in my history class who is the MOST ANNOYING person. EVER.

No, he's not the Annoying Orange. It's much, much worse. Everyone in the room smiles at each other in a laughing way or rolls their eyes whenever he speaks. He leans his chair back so far I always feel like he's going to fall backwards any moment. ETC. ETC. ETC.

Finally, I got my mark on my first unit test in Psych. I did very well. In fact, better than I've ever done on a unit test before. Rosalind claims she hates me now. :P

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