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Sunday, October 27, 2013

'Abused' Indonesian monkeys taken off Jakarta streets

22 October 2013

Performing monkey on the streets of Jakarta (2012)
Critics say that the monkeys are forced to live in pitiful conditions

The first 11 out of an estimated 350 performing street monkeys in the Indonesian capital Jakarta have been confiscated and taken into quarantine, animal rights activists say.

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo said he was acting to save the monkeys and because they were a health risk.

His move has been welcomed as "groundbreaking and significant" by the Jakarta Animal Aid Network.

Spokeswoman Femke Den Haas told the BBC that it ends years of cruelty.

The macaque monkeys are often dressed up and made to perform as street buskers, often attracting large audiences.

The Jakarta authorities say that they will pay some cash compensation to the owners of the confiscated monkeys. (...)

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