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Friday, September 13, 2013

What I Do On Days..

  • School
Well, there's really only one thing to say, that applies for pretty much everything but Biology - I hate school and school hates me. Oh, and, thank God for the weekend!!!!

  • Swimming
I love swimming! I have lessons, Swimmer/Level 6, on Saturdays. :) My teacher is a guy who I've had for Swimmer 1 or something like that before. His name is Tee (not sure if it's spelled that way though). One girl, Avery, I've seen before in swimming, and she's pretty much my only friend in this swimming class.

  • Ballet
I like ballet too... I'm in Grade 2! :P

EXTRA!!!!! I'll be (if it works out) having a birthday party!
For my first decade. :)

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