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Friday, September 13, 2013

Thank God It's Friday =)

1. My mom has taken the opportunity of me being away all day to go to stores like Walmart and Goodwill (thrift stores are THE BEST). I feel very special coming off with a lavender soap bar from one of the health/New-Age stores in town (it smells so pretty! I have to sniff my hands every time I wash them :P) and a pretty new dress for school (it is very Dorothy-Wizard-of-Oz type and I love it!). And Maria picked out a Taylor Swift book for me. ;D My dad bought me a new calculator for school (I can't use the expensive calculator I had to buy for high school because it makes graphs for you and now we have to do the actual work - stupid high school math) AND some new notebooks for when I run out. :D :D :D

2. I have another two friends to sit with in class - Georgina, who has one class with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays and two classes with me on Monday and Wednesday...and Rosalind, who was all three classes (English, Math, and Psych) with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

3. French is still awesome. We had a small practice thing where we had to turn to our neighbour and say things like, "Bonjour, monsieur. Je m'appelle __________. Et vous, commez vous appelez-vous?" Mine turned out to be a guy (named Harry), which turned out to be okay. Turns out, he's actually becoming a teacher, too (and so is Georgina - she's even taking the same major as I am - English!!!) Actually, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to talk to guys in "real life"/public, or if I would just be shy --- so I feel like I've made some progress. The only other guy besides Harry who has really even acted like I exist (but then again, Harry had to since we had to do an exercise together :P) is this Asian guy who is a big friend of Rosalind's (yes, she's Asian, too). And actually....

4. The guy mentioned above (I don't remember his name) asked Rosalind if she would go with him to the graffiti party on campus (the club there makes a whole lot of parties - for this one, you supposedly bring a white T-shirt and decorate it at the party), but she said that she works on Fridays (the day the party is on). Then he turned to ME and asked if I'd like to go with him. Okay, I'm not racist or anything ---- but I'm the type who would rather date someone of my own race, y'know? And, anyway, I've seen other Oriental guys who are better looking than this guy is --- and with the way that he talks, I sometimes can't understand him (I'm guessing it's a nasal thing). Thankfully, I'm not there on Fridays, so I used that as my excuse. Also, even if I was there on Fridays and wanted to go to this party....I don't really feel like I'd want to go with any guy, however good he looked. ;) I'm not really at that stage, you know? I'm still getting used to being around guys. ;)

5. BLAST THE TRANSIT OF MY TOWN. I absolutely HATE it. For example, you already know what happened on my first day. Then, Wednesday of this week, the train stopped working. Thankfully, the driver was able to get it working after about 5-10 minutes. Yesterday, there was a power outage at one of the stations, and my train was delayed half an hour. Thank goodness that I always leave half an hour early - I was only a few minutes late for English with only taking 5 minutes instead of 10 to get over the bridge and to the school from the train station. I was so tired after trying to run all the way there with my very heavy bag that I honestly thought I was going to faint after I sat down in English. Thankfully, water helped. Math was really boring, and by halfway through it, I felt ready to scream and get OUT OF THERE. By Psych, I was ready to fall asleep (it doesn't help that the teacher always closes the shades so that the room is dark for his dumb PowerPoint Presentations which gives me a bit of a headache). Another point - by the time I get off the train at my station, I always have to RUUUUN for the bus. So by the time I got home yesterday, I was ready to collapse in bed and/or start crying (but first, I needed to have something to eat - with all this walking/running, I'm always STARVING when it comes to lunch or dinner). I have to admit, though, that I like being able to let myself in the house and be home alone for 5-10 minutes --- even if means that I have to make salad (when my mom is not in the house, the rule is whoever gets home first - me or my dad - has to make the salad).

6. THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY! Now I can have a few minutes here and there to play (aka do this blog post, play on LOTRO, watch X Factor) along with my homework (History questions due Monday, do some Math practice, and get ready for my French dictée on Monday).


  1. Woooooow. Sounds like college is a hassle!

    I know what you mean about wanting to marry someone of your own race, it's not that you don't LIKE Orientals, you just don't want marry one. lol.

    Uh. The transit of your town sounds HORRIBLE! I've never had to use ours before, so I wouldn't even know where to start. O.O

    Have fun relaxing!!

  2. It is! But I like the feeling of being on my own a bit, letting myself in the house, and having some time to study outside the house. So I like it...but I also don't like it. It's a paradox. See? :P

    Egggg-zactly. ;)

    Thanks! If I can with this blasted history (read more about that in the latest post).

  3. 1. YES I love Goodwill! That sounds like nice soap and a pretty dress!
    2. Yay! :D
    3. Glad you're enjoying it! Yeah, talking to guys can take some getting used to.
    4. Ditto the talking to guys ^
    5. I'm sorry it's such a pain! Aww :(
    6. And just another day to another Friday! Hope you're doing ok with school and certain parts of it get better.

  4. Hey Arda! I like that you're commenting on each of my comment-things. :P


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