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Friday, September 13, 2013

Pro-life message in Britain’s Got Talent

Pro-life message was at the heart of Attraction’s success in Britain’s Got Talent

by Peter Baklinski

Wed Sep 11 5:07 PM EST

September 11, 2013 ( – “Thump-thp’…thump-thp’…thump-thp’…”

The closing scene of a devastated man resting his weary head on his wife’s pregnant belly, finding renewal through the heartbeats of his unborn child, has moved millions around the world.

The Hungarian shadow-act troupe Attraction left judges and audience in tears after its June semi-final performance in Britain’s Got Talent that propelled them to the winner’s stage.

It was the second time that their act had projected a life-affirming message. In April the troupe danced the story of a man and woman falling in love, marrying, and creating a baby by their love. That story also depicted family as a beautiful community that welcomes and treasures new life.

In their follow-up performance in June, the troupe’s act revealed the blessing of relationship in the human experience through vivid moving shadows set to emotive music. Beautiful scenes of relationship in the course of a human life meld, one into another, as the shadow dancers masterfully work their craft. (...)

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