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Friday, September 20, 2013

Parents killed 11 newborn girls hoping for a boy: India

by Heidi Miller

 (...) She told a story of a girl who was the twelfth daughter in her family, but the only one who was allowed to live. Her other eleven sisters were killed by her parents after they were born in hopes that later they would have a boy. In this village, there were eight boys for every one girl.
While some women may choose to voluntarily kill their daughters, others are pressured into it. Jill spoke of a woman she met in South India whom she called Asha:
Pregnant with her second child, her first child a girl, Asha desperately hoped that she was carrying a son. Her husband and her in-laws threatened that if she “did not produce” a son, she would have to murder her own daughter. When she gave birth to her newborn little girl, the whole family was disappointed, but Asha refused to kill her daughter. One night, during her daughter’s first week of life, Asha fell asleep on the dirt floor of her home with her baby girl beside her. When Asha woke a few hours later, she immediately noticed her daughter was gone. She says she heard a baby cry in the distance. The next morning, Asha learned that her husband and his parents took her baby to a nearby pond and drowned her. (...)
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