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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Latest Update - Because Sometimes I Can't Think of Good Titles

I can't remember whether I told you all or not, but my mom bought me a new backpack. I. LOVE IT. It has so many pockets that I can put all my stuff in and organize it all, and, unlike my other backpack which had my back aching terribly after only a couple of minutes, it is so comfy and feels like it hardly weighs anything. Maybe it's a little drastic to say that it is my new love, but it's pretty close to the truth. That, and the fact that I am still enthralled with the amazing water fountains at college that also have a water bottle filler --- water pours out automatically when you put a bottle under it, and there's a count of how many plastic bottles have been saved by this thing.

My first French dictation was on Monday. As soon as Dr. Sassine said that we were going to start, I suddenly freaked out and started stressing about the spelling of "Bonsoir" (meaning "good night"), a word that I always considered as easy to spell. At first, I spelled it "Bonsuir", and that seemed just wrong, but "Bonsoir" didn't seem quite right, either. Fortunately, I spelled it right --- and I'm going to get my results tomorrow. Wish me luck! ;)

And now I must rush off to bed - goodnight, dear followers. And just a last minute questions - how are you all liking the new blog design and header? I hope you're all loving it. :)

- Alyianna (aka Anna, Aly, etc.)


  1. The new design is gorgeous! That sounds like a really nice backpack, and nice that it's not hurting you anymore. Aw man, that happened to me on my Spanish II final - there was something from the beginning of Spanish I that I couldn't remember. :P Hope it went well!

  2. It did go well! Except that I did spell that one word wrong (I mixed up the order of the o and i), I did very well. :D


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