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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Me = Me & Nobody Else

"Just a Few Changes". BIG underestimation. Just adding another author to this blog who will be regularly posting (aka my sister, who is a little more than seven years younger than me).

Enough on that. You all want to hear about college, I expect. ;)

First day (I don't actually consider it the first day) was Orientation Day. The day started off wonderfully (insert inverted quotes) with the train that I was on that claimed that it was southbound deciding that it was eastbound once I was in downtown. So I freaked out. Fortunately, there was a girl who was going to high school who helped me out by explaining that we had to get off the train and wait for the next one (which came in about two minutes). I explained that it was my first time taking transit because I was home schooled. Her reply? "So are you in grade 10?" Me: *mental face palm*

Thankfully, I got to the school without further incidents. A few girls got off, too, including one Oriental girl who caught up with me and explained that she was freaking out because I was wearing a backpack, so she assumed it was the first day of classes, and she hadn't brought anything. And we hung out for the rest of the day...and it turns out that her name is Cassie, she has English class with me, and so we sit together. She is awesome in the way that she was glad to help me (albeit a little amusedley) learn how to use a chip for my new debit card and learn how to use a lock for my new locker. (Hashtag: #homeschooledkidproblems) There was a barbecue and we got burgers (they had tables and entertainment [aka some girls singing] set up), but Cassie wanted to explore the campus, so I agreed, being me. I sort of regret that I missed whatever was there, but we did stumble across the classroom that I will most likely be in for education, and it has a view of the campus and a microwave. I can't wait for those last two years of college. :D

Real Day One: Thankfully, the transit didn't cause problems (though now I can't help freaking out whenever I am on the transit until I get to downtown and hear that "southbound" for when I am going to college, or the "northwest bound" for when I am going home). The classes all turned out to be just going over the course objectives, so they were fairly boring. There turned out to be two women from Peru in my English class who didn't even know each other, and they sat beside each other, which was an interesting coincidence. Back track...when I got off the train, there was one guy in a suit who got off, too. I wasn't sure who he was, and, me being me with my too-imaginative mind, I decided to walk fast just in case. Turns out, he's my English prof. (Hashtag: #facepalmmoments)

Me Not Used to Getting Up at 6:45 + Stress On Train + Walking Ten Minutes From the Train to School With a Heavy Backpack + Still Having This Blasted Cold = ME EXHAUSTED THURSDAY AND THANKING GOD THAT HE MADE ME HAVE FRIDAYS FREE SO THAT I COULD SLEEP IN

Back track...on the way to the train from college Thursday afternoon, a Hindu girl (I'm only saying this so that you can imagine what she looked like, not to be racist because I did not exactly enjoy my time with this girl) caught up with me and asked if I came from St. Mary's. Turns out, she leaves in the northwest like I do, so we took the train together. But then she started asking SO MANY QUESTIONS. Why had I been home-schooled before, why did my parents do such a thing to me and not have me go to a public [me: insert dump] school, why was my sister being home-schooled, too, why didn't I get a Samsung Galaxy phone like she did [she didn't say it, but I know she was thinking "NOBODY uses flip phones anymore" ---- well, guess what?!?! I do, and I'm GLAD to have my own phone so I. DON'T. CARE.], oh and I like how long your nails are [they aren't], and blah blah blah flippety flop my tongue won't stop until FINALLY she stopped talking, her head started lolling, and then she fell asleep. Not to be unkind, but she did sleep with her mouth open. Just trying to amusing here. Me: THANK GOD ALMIGHTY! She slept for a little while and I looked at some of my math until I bored myself...and then her head banged against the side of the wall and she woke up. Me: *Ouch. Oh, and she's awake...sighs dramatically mentally* Thankfully, there wasn't TOO much questioning after that. Perhaps she was too tired, or perhaps she finally got the message that my silence meant that I did sort of want to be left alone --- at least from her questions. She must have been pretty tired before she had her snooze because she asked me a few questions a couple of times. I was starting to wonder who I was riding the train with until she fell asleep. She also told me the names of all her friends and told me that I should meet up with them --- this was before she started asking so many questions, and so I smiled and said I would like that, since I don't know too many people here. After all those questions, I'm thinking #facepalmmoments.

Well, I hope you found that amusing, bloglings. :)

I'm sort of looking forward to when ACTUAL classes begin, and not just course objectives - I had all of that Thursday with English, Math, and Psych, and I'm going to have it again on Monday with History and French.

Not to be mean, but I really hope I don't meet up with that girl who is like Nellie Oleson in that her tongue goes flippety flop and does not stop. And maybe she finds it hard to believe, but I don't really need to "fit in" the way she does with her newest technology cellphones. I may go somewhat with the flow - with all the "cool kids", I will "dude" and "totally" and "like" with them. But it's somewhat a part of me, being a teen and all. And when I'm with more mature people, I let myself be me, with a little bit of cutting from the "likes" and "totallys" that have rubbed off a little too much on me.

I may be little scared me on the C-train, with my "old" flip phone and my old classic book compared to all those other girls who look cool as cucumbers, have their "cool" phones with texting, and their earbuds or trashy "best-seller" books, but I'm me. And I'd rather be that than anyone else.

Next mission: to get someone to sit with in my other's much more friendly and not so lonely that way

After math class, this blond girl who had said hi to me earlier was opening her locker beside mine (Cassie was supposed to have that one, but somehow this girl got it --- I feel a little abandoned, esp. since we traded lockers with other people just to have ones together)...and this guy came up to her and said, "Hey, I'm in your math class. I just wanted to tell you that you look really pretty." She looked really happy, gave him a hug, and said that he had made her day. Honestly, if something like that happened to me, I would feel awkward. Still, something seemed to die in me a little, and I got my books and skedaddled off, feeling a little down in the dumps.

Okay, I'm young, and I know my parents didn't want me to date at least in high school (I actually don't know how they feel about that now --- I'm guessing it's still a no), but I'm a girl, and I'm a teen. If my parents are reading this, that's okay with me, I guess. I'm human, and I'm not perfect. I'm young, but I still wonder if anyone is ever going to see me as something more than just a girl. If God wants me to be single for the rest of my life, okay, that's His Will. But I do want to be married some day and have kids. Okay, I admit it --- I also want someone to deal with bills for me so I don't have to. ;) I know I've never admitted something like this on this blog, but sometimes I have these heart-on-my-sleeve moments. You know them, followers. ;) I know I'm only seventeen, but I can't help thinking of the future. There's a girl who was in high school with me, and she was proposed to around my age, and she and her boyfriend were planning to get married after high school. I honestly don't feel ready for something like that, but maybe an itty bitty compliment might be nice. It took me this long to except that I'm beautiful the way I am because God made me. I know not everyone is going to see me as that. And that's okay. And someday, I hope someone is going to see the real me, and that me will be special to him. :)

Hugs for everyone,
Alyianna :) <3


  1. Wow! I didn't realize you were in college! That's awesome, I hope you find lots of good worthwhile friends.

  2. Wow, so you've started college! And yay for making a friend already! I have a flip phone too (always thought they were more sassy, cause you could slam them shut and look cool - smart phones can't do that!). Sounds like a really uncomfortable conversation though. That totally makes sense, what you said about love/boys. I hope you like your classes as they get into the actual content!

  3. To Unknown: I'm guessing I probably do know you. ;) Thank you!

    To Arda: Yup, the big moment is here! haha :P Well, I'm definitely going to think about that next time I use my flip phone. ;) I will post more about real content in classes later (hopefully/maybe Saturday). :D


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