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Friday, September 27, 2013

Jane Austen and GIF craziness

Well, look at that - I'm still alive. ;) I got through my French and Psychology unit tests (they weren't as hard as I thought they would be) AND I finished Pride and Prejudice, my very first Jane Austen book. I enjoyed it very much, though I did think that some scenes (such as Darcy's proposal to Elizabeth) were glossed over a little too quickly. I'm not going to explain why because it would probably take forever. I hope to watch the movies soon, esp. the 2005 one.

Probably because Elizabeth is so beautiful here. :)

I have to say the DVD cover of the 2003 one looks stupid, so I'm not going to even look into that one (unless it's a research thing to confirm my suspicions). The 1995 pictures look good, though. And I've heard there's other versions, too. Maybe I shall see them all (except the 2003 one) and form my own opinion. ;)

Which Jane Austen book do you think I should read next? If I went with the list on Goodreads, I would be reading Sense and Sensibility next.

I've read some articles and watched a sneak peek for Once Upon a Time season three. Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself. Now I am dying for my dad to finally "look into" the show. And I am dying to know what is going to happen to poor Henry. UGH I hate Tamara and Greg and Peter Pan for kidnapping an innocent little boy! And I love that season three is going to have the theme of "let's save this little boy". It sound friendly. Hear that, Daddy?


And I want to see the new characters Tinker Bell and Ariel and...UGH!!!!!

Me: Time for the daily annoyance...PLEASE?!?!
My dad: Maybe later...

And when/if my dad says yes:

But until then, I'm being slightly mad at myself for just making my waiting worse.

So I'll just have to go crazy.

Memory is making me laugh..."Condiments are the magic of this world."

Bonkers. Definitely bonkers.

So come visit me in a psychiatrist ward.

Or I'll just stay at my same level of craziness.

Therefore, I wait.

The End.

P.S. May I just say how much I love the family and the values in this show?

Rumple and his son Bae

Prince Charming after fighting to keep baby Emma alive

Emma and her son Henry

Rumple and Bae...okay, I'm sorry, but I love Rumple so. ;)

And the relationships are cute. :)

Snow White and Prince Charming

Rumple & Belle and the way they make each other a better, more virtuous person

Emma and Neal. They're going to get back together.  DUH.

The Real End.

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