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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eight facts most people don’t know about women having abortions

by Peter Saunders

Mon Aug 26 9:36 AM EST

Contrary to popular opinion a large proportion of abortions are either unwanted or coerced. (...)
The following figures, referenced below from an Elliott Institute publication, are eight evidence-based facts about the pressures women having abortions face.

1. 64% of women having abortions feel pressured by others into it by others (1)
2. The number one killer of pregnant women is homicide (2, 3)
3. 54% of women felt uncertain at the time of their abortion (1)
4. 52% of women felt rushed at the time of their abortion (1)
5. 67% of women received no counseling by the clinic or other service-providers who performed the abortion (1)
6. 84% of women felt they did not receive adequate counseling before their abortion (1)
7. 79% of women were not informed by the abortion provider about available alternatives (1)
8. If a teenager has had an abortion within the last six months she is six times more likely to commit suicide (4)

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