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Thursday, August 8, 2013

You Got Problems? I Got Problems...

First, it was this character...

This delightful character. NEEDS. NO. OTHER. DESCRIPTIONSHSES.

And then it went all the way to, "Hey, those fan girls in Ella Enchanted are pretty stupid...but I have to admit that Prince Char is kinda cute..."

EEEEK! They both got curly hairzzez!

Y'all already know that I always seem to relate with the guys. One of my girl friends told me that it could be because the girls are always so dramatic. Perhaps that's it…and perhaps it's because the guys are the ones on the adventures (usually). And sometimes, they go through those emotional experiences that instantly draw me to a character (like Rumplestiltskin in Once Upon a Time).

All I know is, if he's a guy, he's probably going to become one of my favourite characters in this movie or TV show...especially if he's got dark hair or (EEEKERS!) curly hair.

All I've got to say is...

You think you have problems? I'M the one with problems here. Refer me to a psychologist...especially when I start getting wet-eye over Graham being killed an Evil Queen or the Frodo/Sam awwww moments or the toys in Toy Story getting left at Bonny's house by Andy or Bilbo deciding not to kill Gollum or all those happy endings or... Okay, Alyianna, STOP. We GET it.


My favourite characters in LOTR: FRODO (absolute favourite)...then (not in order) Sam, Pippin, Merry, Eowyn, Faramir   =   5 guys to 1 girl (but you've got to give me a break here since there's only three main girls besides Rosie in the books/movies)

My favourite characters in Les Mis: (I'm not entirely sure who's my favourite) Jean Valjean, Enjolras, Eponine, Marius (ish), JAVERT   =   4 guys to 1 girl (Fantine might be on the list but I find Cosette annoying...sorry Cosette fans)

My favourite characters in Once Upon a Time: RUMPLE, Belle, Emma (ish), Graham (*sobs hysterically*)    =   2 guys to 2 girls (WHOO-HOO!)

My favourite characters in Little House on the Prairie: ALBERT, Laura, Pa, Mr. Oleson, Mrs. Oleson (ish)   =    3 guys to 2 girls

See what I mean? I got problems. You can't deny it.


  1. I relate more to the guys too. It's ridiculous. I always tend to find the girls kind of dramatic and annoying. (I mean, there are exceptions, Peggy, from Captain America, Black Widow, Parker, from Leverage, Rapunzel.... but those are all spunky, kind of tough girls.)

    Overall, though, even if I don't feel attracted to any of the guys, I get irritated with the girls. Like, "BUCK UP! STOP CRYING! BE A WOMAN!" lol. :D

  2. Yeah, Rapunzel is my type of girl, too. :)

  3. Awww sorry for your problems, I can relate. XD I almost started crying from Lego Lord of the Rings today so yeah. XD Nice favorite character lists, and oh yeah Graham. :( *sends comforting hugs over the internet*

  4. Graham...*tears up* THAT EVIL, WICKED WICKED REGINA! *hugs back*


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