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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Where Shall We Go? What Shall We See?

By the time you are reading these words, I will probably be on the road, destination Our Next Family Trip. Of course, since my parents like keeping secrets, I have no idea where this is.

Perhaps we will see one of these:

not my picture

We saw several deer on our last trip - a father, mother, and child deer pretty much roam the town we visited. Once, when we were picnicking at a playground bench in this town, the deer came so close to us that my mom thought they were coming to eat our food. They passed by, but I have never been so close to a deer in my life.

Then, when we were leaving this place that has a canyon, we saw a van stopped in front of us, blocking our side of the road. My mother heaved a sigh of frustration. Then the guy pointed a finger out of the window, towards the mountain on our left. I was the first to realize that he must mean that there was some animal there. And there was - a grizzly bear, to be precise! As well as the deer and the odd grizzly bear, we also saw several chipmunks - and in the town where the deer roamed, gophers also reigned.

Who knows what my family and I will see, or what adventures we may undergo. All I know is - I'm looking forward to this trip. And I will be back next week to tell you all about it (hopefully I will have time, seeing that I will be a volunteer at a morning camp at a church near us - and morning is the time I have to blog).


  1. Aaaaaah, that's exciting! You should take pictures. ;D

  2. See (read?) you when you get back! :D That's cool about seeing the animals up close! It's so neat when that happens.

  3. Thanks girlsss! I am BACK, and I shall hope to be uploading some picshahs soon!


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