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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Where I've Been All Week (Part Two)

The girls in our group were:

- Mia, age 9 (my sister)
- Lily, age 10 (she was hanging onto me the entire camp, insisting that she and she alone could walk with me on the way to the camp - only Mass was at the church since the basement is undergoing renovations - and coming to sit with me at listening/watching activities, such as skits and the ending prayer/song/announcements thing)
- Kimberly, age 7 (a very cute little girl - except when she and her sister Lily were tugging on one of my arms trying to pull me this way and that as a way to "win" me)
- Malena, age 7 (a fun, cheerful little girl who became "besties" with my sister because her best friend left the camp because she was sick)
- Enomfrum, age 8 (an African-Canadian who surprised me with her knowledge of the Faith as it seems to me that Novus Order Catholics usually don't know their Faith)
- Ignobong, age 7 (Enofrum's sister - I think I got her name right finally)
- Jenica, age 7 (she came on Monday, felt sick Tuesday morning and went home, came back Wednesday, and was gone for the rest of the camp)

My mom thinks it is because Jenica's parents brought her again to the camp on Wednesday is the reason why I'm sick now. I had a headache, a bit of a sore throat, and travelling pains (but constant in the back of my neck) yesterday. I only have a bit of headache when it gets aggravated from jumping rope or something like that (My mom has me skip constantly throughout the day to try to manage my - errr - weight issues. It's not that I'm fat or anything, but I'm not thin. And it's not easy to manage because gluttony is one of my weaknesses.), and the back of my neck hurts less today, but it hurts to swallow. *sighs*

Welll...that's pretty much it. Except the fact that my sister and I got new cameras that are identical so that I don't have to feel bad that my sister always has the best quality (xD). AND...*drum roll please*...I am going to the bank with my dad tomorrow so that I can get my very own DEBIT CARD. I feel very grown up (says a little girl who still needs a lot of growing to do). I just hope that I won't have a frog croak voice tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like you are popular among the girls! That's very cool about your camera and debit card!


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