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Friday, August 23, 2013

Prayers Needed (this post is also about St. Patrick, Narnia, and the X Factor)

Mu HA HA...errr...ha. Look how many big fishies I have drawn to this post just by putting all those things in that title all meshed up together. Now you're all probably wondering what St. Patrick has to do with the X Factor. Here's the answer - nothing.


Errr...well, on to the most important thing. First of all. *ahem*

So, you all know I've been sick. But my mom was sick first (and is still recovering)...and she got a sinus infection. And now she has a loss of her taste and smell sense (not completely, but mostly). My mom has been reading up on it, and a doctor told her that the sense of smell may never come back because of the olfactory nerves getting damaged.

Could you all PLEASE pray for my mom? It would mean so much to us. And if you want to go really hard core (:P), maybe you would say the Little Flower Novena with me. Let's say starting tomorrow, since some of you may not see this post until tomorrow. to the not-so-important stuff.




Y'all (:P) know I've been sick. Yeah, I had a REALLY bad sore throat. Could have been strep...we're going to find out this afternoon. But it just kept getting worse and worse. Wednesday night, I asked my mom if I could have some of our Diet Coke instead of water since my throat hurt so much. Thankfully, my mom did. ;) Thursday morning, my mom decided to give me some Coke in a plastic St. Patrick cup. I thought it was pretty cool, and I casually read the St. Patrick prayer on the side, sort of praying it (because I'm Catholic, I guess I sort of do it unconsciously :P), but more reading it. Not immediately after (but my mom said it was definitely after), I started getting better. By late afternoon/early evening, it hardly hurt to swallow anymore. Today, I have a very scratchy/tickly throat, but that's a LOT better compared to how much it hurt before.

And now I really like St. Patrick. xD

While I was sick, I did two pretty neat things.

UN. I started learning how to knit. I knit a headband for myself and for Maria just yesterday. The problem is, I've been following the instructions EXACTLY on how to increase knitting, but the loops just seem to be coming apart and the knitting has HUGE holes in it and can't really be called knitting. They aren't even twisted on the needle anymore, you know? *sigh* I really don't know what to do. I want to be able to keep knitting and knitting and learning how to do big projects so that I can knit like an old grandma. :P

DEUX. No other words are necessary than...X FACTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last year, Maria didn't like it AT ALL, but since it's been a while, she actually likes it at the moment. ;) So yesterday afternoon, we watched most of the bootcamp of X Factor Australia while doing our knitting.

The Over 24's who NEED to get to Live Shows
Tyler Hudson
1. Tyler Hudson - He's a Texan dad who married an Ozzie. The thing is, he looks SO MUCH like Tim Hawkins. And if I only judged by his personality and voice when he says that line, "We're either going through or staying home" (not to mention how he looks), I would say he IS Tim Hawkins. Maybe Tim decided that he wants to live two lives - one as an American Christian comedian, and one as an Ozzie singer. And did you notice? The initials are the same. I'm not even joking. I think I've convinced myself. Anyone here willing to do DNA testing on two supposedly different people to make sure they are really their own individual person?
2. Matt Gresham - He's AWESOME. His shows have always been spot on, and he has a good voice. Actually, he kind of reminds me of Ed Sheeran for some reason...I don't know why. Maybe because he seems a little perfect? ;P
After That... It doesn't matter who is the third person who gets to live shows. It could either be Cat or Gemma. I like both of them.

The Boys who NEED to get to Live Shows
1. Jai - Mia and I both (actually, my dad, too) really like him. When I first saw him, I thought, "Oh man...not another Justin Bieber..." but then he started singing. And then when he started singing a second song for the judges (one he wrote), my jaw almost dropped.
2. Georgie - He's really a happy-go-lucky guy with a really nice personality. And he can sing. When we saw him jumping around backstage, Mia asked me,  Is he Tom Bombadil?
After That... I'd go for Taylor Henderson. He's country and not too shabby.

The Girls who NEED to get to Live Shows
1. Jiordan Tolli - She's REALLY good. Almost another Bella Ferraro (who was an amazing contestant last year, by the way)...and for those of you who don't know her and are too lazy to go check out her music (SHAME ON YOU), let's just say "she's like Birdy". And if you don't know who SHE is...then there's no hope for you. Literally. :P
After That... I'm not sure. Actually, I've kind of got the girls all mixed up... hehe.

About the Groups...
I really don't care. They're just groups. Besides One Direction (which I really don't care for that much anymore...though I still enjoy the inside jokes), I've never liked any of the boy groups on the X Factor. Actually, that's not true. I just remember...there was a boy group last year on the X Factor Australia called What about Tonight. I like them...but they got kicked off pretty quick...though they did get to live shows. *brightens* ....... I really don't like the boy group the judges put together, so I hope they don't get through. I don't mind the girl group they made up, and I guess I'll grudgingly say that perhaps they are good for their type of genre, but I don't like their type of music. So they're probably going to go through. And for some reason, I don't really like Adira-Belle. I don't know why.

Finally, could you all PLEASE follow my sister's blog? She's got an awesome Narnia giveaway going on right now, and since there's pretty much no one entering it, it could be an easy way to win some free Narnia stuff - like a bracelet with Narnia charms, a beautiful wall decal with a beautiful message on it, Narnia miniatures, and more.

Go check out her blog NOW.


  1. Oh, I will definitely pray for your mom. The novena starts tomorrow? The.... 24th? I'll do it with you.

    St. Patrick actually is pretty freaking cool. I do quite love him a lot.

    I used to knit. (*used to* being the most important line in that statement.)

    Hmmmm. I wish I could watch the x-factor. It looks good. I tend to have to wait until it's on YT which stinks some.

    I shall go look at your sister's blog.

  2. Thanks Treskie and Alexis Grace! :) (Yes, it does start the 24th).

    I just watch it on YouTube, actually. xD

  3. So sorry you both have been sick! Will definitely pray. Ooh cool, good luck with knitting! I tried for a while but never really got into it.

  4. Thanks Arda. :)

    Hopefully my urge to knit will continue after school starts. :)


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