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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

~My Faith Was Made Stronger by this Video~

A good friend of mine (her name is Marjorie) shared this amazing video with me the other day. It's long (compared to the usual videos I watch on YouTube, at least), but it's very much worth the watch. It strengthened my faith - will it do the same for yours?

Warning: I would not recommend this video for young children. The scenes of Our Lord's Passion are graphic.

My thoughts? They're all jumbled up, but here they are.

Oh my God...this is beautiful and heartbreaking. The Sacrifice of the Mass is so beautiful. The Latin Mass is so beautiful. They're showing scenes from the Passion? Oh no...I didn't want to watch that. I don't want to see Our Lord suffering. I'm gonna have nightmares after this. Oh God...the bleeding. I didn't fathom it was that bad. NO. Not the nails. Please not the nails. Oh God...Oh God...I did this to You. My sins did this to You. Forgive me, God. What did I do to you, God? ... HE MAKES ALL THINGS NEW, HE WASHES ME CLEAN. Oh God...thank you. Marjorie, thank you. My faith was just made stronger today.

I can't believe that anyone could not believe in the Real Presence of Christ.

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