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Friday, August 30, 2013

I don't think people should use other people as role models because people make mistakes.

We've all heard that mother before.

"I think Taylor Swift is such a wonderful person and I am so glad to have her as a role model for my [preteen/teen] daughter".


Taylor Swift may be a lot better than many celebrities these days *thinks of names such as Miley Cyrus* ... but that doesn't make her good enough to be a role model. Everyone makes mistakes, and people are bound to let you down from time to time. Taylor Swift once did that to me in her music video for "I Knew You Were Trouble" - and that made me realize that people are bound to let you down, and if you take celebrities off a pedestal, their actions won't shock you so much. I'm not saying that means that celebrities can do whatever they want and do immoral things, but that you have to realize that even if someone is a Christian, that doesn't mean they're never going to do something that will shock you at one point or other. Or at least, make you feel a little sad.

If I'm going to take someone for a role model, one of my first thoughts would be my own mother or father - because they're wonderful and I know they want to set a good example for me.

But if you want the best role model you can get? You go to Jesus, His mother Mary, or both.


  1. i so agree. i used to look up to Aly amd Aj from Disney but when I saw the youtube videos of them being rich and spoil, I was so heartbroken. And they supposedly are Christians.

    So I agree with you! So true. :)

  2. I've heard the names "Aly and Aj" before but I've never heard any of their music. Celebrities are really the last people you should look to for a role model - rather, not at all. Hollywood is all/mainly trash.

  3. soo true! It's a huge disappointment.

  4. This is very insightful and thought-provoking.
    Aye, so-called "role models" are only role models in that they emulate Christ and Our Blessed Lady. Even the saints are role models only so much as that. And that is an important thing to remember; so thank you for reminding me. :)

  5. And I find your comment very thought-provoking. ;)

    I guess I should do some more posts of these type. :P


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