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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thank you, Father Z.

I'd like to apologize in advance for the lack of quality this post is going to have. I'm on an iPad, and I'm brain dead. Sorry. I'm gonna be lazy.
(I'd also like to mention that while this is late, I did spend half an hour going through the recycling bin, looking for the newspaper I'm going to talk about)

I'm not sure how many of all you followers of Alyianna read newspapers or things like that, but a few days ago I picked up the front page of our local newspaper while drinking my way-too-strong tea. On the very top, where they advertise more of the stories throughout the paper, was a picture of Pope Francis, with large text underneath that said, "Pope softens stand on gays; Francis says he won't judge on orientation. News extra, page B2"

Whaaa?? If you're a practicing Catholic like I am, I'm sure reading something like that would confuse you as much as it confused me.
Softened his stand on gay marriage? Can he even do that? WHAT ON EARTH DID HE SAY?!
I shoved aside my insipid, cold tea and demanded that my brother hand me the B section of the newspaper. A little hysterically, I might add. My brother gave me the paper, but not after annoying me several times by repeatedly asking what I needed it for so very badly. I was too focused on wanting to read the article to bother answering such a frivolous question. I snatched it away, leafed through the pages, spread the sheet out on the table and began to read.

The title for the article went, "Pope reaches out to gays in 'hopeful change in tone.'" This of course, had me instantly raising an eyebrow.

The entire tone of the article was singing the same song. 'The Pope is finally showing tolerance and "mercy," and this is a sign that soon the Church will change its views entirely.'

Eh, no.
 And that's not what the Pope said, either.
So for those of you who, like me were rather scandalized at the thought of our beloved Pope speaking  in a way that goes so very against Canon Law, I'm going to direct you to Father Z's very well written analyses of His Holiness' speech.
You're welcome.
God bless you all!



  1. YES! I hate how the media twisted the Pope's actual words. He wasn't signaling that we are softening our stance, he was saying what the Church actually teaches! The Catholic Church is the safest religion for homosexuals, but the media has branded us as 'homophobes' who 'hate gays' and are 'against equality'. If they took the time to do some research on their own, using reliable Catholic resources, the Pope's response would not have been so much of a surprise.

  2. I'm glad you liked Gwen's post. :) And thank you for taking the time to give your thoughts on and then link to such a good article, Gwen. :)


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