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Friday, July 12, 2013

My Graduation, Western-ness, and Other Randomness

Hey y'all! :) Yeah, I'm feeling Western spirit at the moment. The Western "festival"-type thing that happens in our city is going on at the moment, and my family went on our annual day trip to it on Tuesday. On Saturday, we had our own Western-style dinner, and Mummy, Mia, and I went to a pancake breakfast yesterday morning. The lines were HUGE...probably because it was free. We had to wait a verrrry long time. But the food was good, and Mia and I got a picture with a guy in a horse costume even though the ponies weren't available to ride and the fire trucks (the firemen were letting people go inside them) had driven off by the time we finally finished eating because we had to wait in line for so long. (Yes, I love to write long you probably already all know.)

So...besides that, that's pretty much it that's new around here. I've done a little more researching for my newest story idea (actually, that's not true...but it's one of the newest), but I haven't had really any time to do any writing for a long time. :-/

Oh, and guess what? You already knew this, but I grrrraduated. :) I got to meet a whole lot of girl friends that I had never seen in person before, and even a few new people. The ceremonies were okay, though most of the speakers were kind of boring...except for the priest. His talk was really good. Before him, there was some lady speaker who was the First Woman of pretty much everything...and she seemed much too proud of that fact. Oh, and the caps we had to wear were not that great....because mine kept slipping off and it almost fell off when I was on the stage to be presented (and the fact shows in the pictures taken). But, all in all, it wasn't too bad - and the dinner and dance afterwards was really great. The food was delicious (you all know I appreciate that ;P), and the dancing was lots of fun. Actually, I've never done "dancing" with a whole crowd of people before (meaning jumping around, mostly, to blaring music), and I found it lots of fun (even though my feet hurt afterwards because I was wearing heels). I hung out with a friend from school who I don't see very often (meaning for a few seconds at church), and another friend from church who was invited by the first friend. :)

Here's a picture to show you what my dress looked like (I smudged my face since I'm not allowed to show myself on here - just so you know why that part looks gross :P):

Most beautiful, is it not? :)

What else, what else...? *muses* OH! I got something very cool as a grad present from my parents - A MACBOOK! :D It is so very cool, and I shall use it for when I go to college (I use it a little bit now, though my mom thinks the screen is too small and I shouldn't). And I got a very nice necklace from Mia (so nice, in fact, that I thought it was from the store)....and a Hobbit mousepad that is SO GORGEOUS...and a pencil case that actually was mine before but Mia put three beautiful pictures on it - one of Frodo, one of Cosette and Marius, and one of Belle and Rumpelstiltskin. :)

I have nothing else left to what is a better way to end than some "So Relatable" pictures? :)




    Those totally relatable posts are so.... relatable. I almost spewed my coffee across the room with the music one. LOL.

    That dress IS rather beauteous, btw.



  3. BTW GREAT DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And When I first saw your face it looked like your face got stuck in a blender! XD But I understand why you did!

  4. Thank you both. :) I would be glad to do more of these "so relatable" thingies. :)

  5. Congratulations on graduating!!!! :D :D :D I'm really happy for you!
    Your dress is really pretty! :D And I'm with the others, more relatable pics would be fun!


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