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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Randomness for You Blogglings

I'm so busy. So busy that I don't have time to tell you that I got a hair cut or I finished an amazing Lord of the Rings analytic book or that my nameday is coming up soon or that I just got an idea for my historical fiction book that changes EVERYTHING. Exactly. So busy that I'm actually telling you all these things. I must be going mad. On purpose. I'm strange.

Okay, back into talking normally mode. Hopefully, you all haven't left after thinking, "Not cool, Alyianna. Not cool." Talking that way was an experiment, okay? I'm a writer. I have the license to do so. ;-P

And your lucky I didn't extend that little thing on longer than I decided to.

Anyway...after reading that amazing analytic book I told you about above (it's called On the Shoulders of Hobbits, has lots of Narnia in it, too, is about turning back to the virtues in our corrupt society today, and is totes amazing), I've decided that I want to go all Tolkien/Lewis in my reading this summer. I want to read more analytic books (and others about them or their writings) and more books/stories they wrote. I read about some books in the Appendix of OSH that sound really good...and I am entirely convinced that I must read "Leaf by Niggle" (Tolkien). I have a feeling that some of the analytic/other books mentioned in that appendix may be already owned by this person's father, and so might be in the basement, or might be one of the Tolkien books that this person snagged when this person's father ran out of space in his bookshelf and had to "get rid" of some Tolkien books so this person acquired some "new" Tolkien books..."this person" being me. (That was a fun run-on sentence to write.) AND we may go to the library today so I could perhaps find more.

Newest hobby I want to acquire: photography. Two of my friends from school are amazing at photography and I want to be able to take good pictures and add awesome effects, just like they can. Another thing to check for when I go to the library.

I got a haircut. My hair is now shoulder-length instead of past shoulder-length. My mom says she likes this new style better.

My nameday is coming up on the 26th.

My book idea seemed scary last last night because it changed the story so much. Now it seems amazing and fresh and new this morning.

And, yes, I am busy. If Voronda is reading this (hi!), then I'll let you know that your letters is near the top of my to-do list. I just haven't got there yet because I have presents to work on for my parent's anniversary that is coming up very soon!

Finally, I shall end up with some more "So Relatable" thingys since y'all love 'em so much. :)

Last one - me when someone says they don't like The Lord of the Rings.


  1. That last thing you said - so true! XD A very belated happy name day! That's great that you got more into Tolkien's writings. :) Good luck with photography and your book idea!


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