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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Giveaway WINNERS!

So...some anonymous person commented on my blog, reminding me that I needed to post the giveaway winners.

Me: OOPSIE! *hurries to do so*

And so I shall do just so. Confession: This is my least favourite part of this whole giveaway thing. I wish I could give you ALL something! *sad face* But...the random generator must choose it shall.

The winner of the lovely bracelet from my friend Eleanor Brownlee is...

Lucia Silva! :) Who just happens to sister! *cough cough* Actually, this is the second giveaway that my sister has won...and she's only entered two giveaways. *cough cough* And I haven't won a single giveaway yet. *raises eyes to the heavens*

Alrighty then...the winner of the cute rings from Wanda Eash...

I. Wish. I. Could. Enter. My. Own. Giveaway. So. I. Could. Win. These. Rings.
Rachel! :) Congrats, girl!

Congratulations to the winners...and to Treskie and Katy...thanks for entering! I'm sure you'll win next time because you're both so awesomely awesome. ;)

To the winners: please contact the person on Etsy that you won your item from. You will give that person your address and tell them that you won (link to this blog post for proof) Alyianna's giveaway...and you should get your item in the mail soon-ish after that! :)

And now I must tune out to get ready to go out. Adios! Namare! Goodbye!

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