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Monday, July 8, 2013

Caste or Class?

23 June 2013

Vishal Nalawade and Shraddha Meshram married despite their caste difference and family 

By 2027, India is projected to have the biggest middle class population in the world. In a society fragmented by caste, there has been much debate about whether recent economic growth has reached the country's most disadvantaged groups.

While the change is slow, there are signs that economic growth and education are helping to bring down social barriers.

On a rainy monsoon day in Mumbai, Vishal Nalawade holds up an umbrella and escorts his new wife to the vegetable market. Vishal married Shraddha Meshram three months ago and the two have paid a heavy price to be together.

Vishal and Shraddha have been forced to cut ties with their families who opposed the match because they belong to different castes.

Caste is a hereditary division rooted in Hindu society. It's based on a number of factors, but primary among these are occupation and social ranking. (...)

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