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Friday, July 26, 2013

Can a Person make a Pact with the Devil?

Can a Person make a Pact with the Devil?

by Fr. Fortea  

July 18, 2013

Q: Dear Fr. Fortea, can a person make a pact with the devil?

A.  Many think that pacts with the devil only exist in literature, but they are mistaken. There are those who consciously, with full awareness and intentionality, make a pact with the devil and devote their souls to him in order to get something in this life. The notion of a formal pact with the devil appears for the first time in the fifth century in the writings of St. Jerome. This Father of the Church tells of a young man who went to a wizard so as to obtain the favors of a beautiful woman. As pay for his services, the wizard forced the young man to renounce in writing his faith in Christ. In the sixth century, we also see this type of pact in the legend of Theofilus, who agrees to be a servant of the devil and signs a formal pact. This legend was widespread in Europe during the Middle Ages. (...)

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