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Monday, June 3, 2013

St. Clotilde

(470 - 545)

Ordinary Time: June 3rd

St. Clotilde, Queen of the German tribe of the Franks, was a daughter of Chilperic, whose older brother was the tyrannical King of Burgundy, who killed his wife and all his other brothers except one, in order to usurp their kingdoms. Clotilde was reared in her uncle's Court. Though educated among Arians, it was her happiness to have been instructed in the Catholic Faith. She married Clovis I, King of the Franks, and by her good example and prayers endeavored to win him to God. Fear of offending his people delayed his conversion. However, after his miraculous victory over the Alemanni, he embraced Catholicism, and built many religious institutions at the request of St. Clotilde. Among these was the grand church of Saints Peter and Paul, now called the Church of St. Genevieve.

St. Clotilde suffered greatly on account of the dissensions between her sons. Her most sensible affliction was the murder of the two eldest sons of Clodimir, in 526, by their uncles Childebert and Clotaire. This tragedy aided in weaning her heart from the world.

The remaining years of St. Clotilde's life were spent in performing good works, fasting, penance and exercises of piety. She longed for Eternity, and foretold her death thirty days before it occurred. She departed this life on June 3, 545, and in accordance with her request, was buried in the Church of St. Genevieve.

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