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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Readers' favourite India curiosities

BBC correspondent Rajini Vaidyanathan's feature on 10 things you might not know about India generated a huge response. Readers shared their favourite observations about this diverse and colourful country.
As a British-born Indian who visits India frequently, I've noticed that roadside/street vendors have got increasingly savvy with what they're offering consumers. Fifteen years ago they would try and flog plastic toys and balloons, now they're armed with copies of the latest Dan Brown novel and Harvard Business Review. This reflects both the rise of India's position in world business, the growth of the middle classes and a demand for internationally renowned products. Reetu Kabra, London, UK

In the UK, two men holding hands while walking in the street may imply they might be lovers. In India it does not. You are more likely to see a man holding another's man's (friend) hand or has his arm around the other man's (friend) shoulder than a man holding a woman's hand or has his arm around her. Bromance is always in the air (as well as Tuk Tuk pollution). Tagyal Tibet, London

Does everyone know about the "head wobble"? The way many Indian people show agreement? It's usually used in the same way Brits and others would nod our heads but instead the head tilts and rocks gently from side to side. This can be done pretty emphatically with a huge smile when someone wants to show real happiness in their agreement or positive response to a question. Alternatively it can be a very slight tilt, almost like a twitch, to one side and back to centre if it is offered as a more simple response or time is short. Whichever way, it's beautiful and something I have never seen anywhere else. Fiona, Ayr, Scotland

One of the amazing roadside trades we saw was in Jaipur - a roadside dentist, sat on a box in the kerb with a queue of people waiting to have teeth pulled or second-hand dentures fitted. No anaesthetic used, just an old pair of pliers used for both extractions and adjustment of dentures... March 2013. D Fitzharris  (...)

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