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Monday, June 17, 2013

Prayers Appreciated

Quick update on me...

Last week was not a great week. I had my Social Part A (essay) diploma, and it went poorly because I did not understand the welfare state properly. Now I'm going to have to read Social through the summer in case I need to retake the Social exam (I'm not going to know my results until late July). Then there was my Math Mock Diploma, which I wasn't able to study much for, and it was also hard. I'm not expecting a very good mark this afternoon from that...

Friday evening and Saturday afternoon were my sister's dance recitals. As some of you probably already know, I gave up dance this year to do choir - and then school got in the way so choir practices went out the door. Watching the dancing and being backstage in the dressing room area with my sister for brief periods of time made me realize how much I miss dancing. I miss the challenge of just stretching a little harder to get to that next goal. I miss the small talk with the other girls in my class. I miss the thrill of waiting your turn to go on stage. I miss a few old friends that I only have time to quickly smile at when I take my sister to her dressing room twice a year. I even miss those terrible ab exercises that had all of us groaning.

But I don't think I can go back. I left a year ago, and plus, I'm going to be going to college, and that takes a lot of money.
I can't do this...but whatevs. :P
Sunday. The feast day of St. Anthony, the patron of our parish. We did another procession using the same route that we did for our first ever Corpus Christi procession a few weeks ago (there'll be a post about that coming when I finally get a break - that and my graduation ceremony). I love processions, but the choir was at the back (I was with my family because we arrived late again) and we couldn't even hear them. So..we were just walking along like.....well, we were just going for a walk. I thought that I might as well say the Rosary to make it a little more prayerful, but these two ladies behind us were talking the whole time, commenting on the houses and blah blah blah.

Father was at the very back with one of the altar servers. Comment about this particular altar server...the first time I saw him was at my sister's First Confession. I saw him walk in and talk to this lady (who happens to have a beautiful voice - she sounds like an angel when she leads a decade of the Rosary)...and for a second, I thought Skandar Keynes was in our church. xD I almost make myself cry from laughing when I think of that now. :P

This week, I've got my other Social diploma on Tuesday (meaning my last chance to improve my total mess-up last week) and my Bio diploma on Thursday (my chance to perhaps get my Bio mark up into the 90s). Math diploma is next week. All I know is...I wish diplomas weren't 50% worth of my entire mark. IT. IS. SO. NOT. FAIR.

So last week has left me feeling tired, longing for summer, and nostgalic for past days. And perhaps, if you prodded me for a while, you'd get me to admit that I'm also wishing for a better future. *wink*

Prayers are appreciated. Especially for my diplomas.

Thank you.

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  1. Oh, that stinks, Ali. I'm sorry. I'll be sure to keep you in my prayers. God bless. xo

  2. Yikes! I'll be praying for you. :)

  3. You're homeschooled, right? Do you use a program such as Seton for graduation? I am going to take the tests at my local community college for my GED. Do you a major picked out? I don't...

  4. Thanks Hannah. :)

    To Rachel: Well...not really. I've gone to an online school for high school since there weren't a whole lot of schoolbooks my dad could find for me. I know a friend of mine was going to use Seton, but then she decided to go to a Catholic school instead. Good luck with your tests! I'm going to go for teaching, with a major in English and a minor in General Sciences. :)

  5. Hey Alyianna, sorry I haven't been commenting lately. I've been praying for you! Hope everything is going well.


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