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Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm Politically Incorrect

If you think like most of society does, I'm a very strange person.

It's not only that I'm "weird" and enjoy the company of book and movie characters more than I do the company of "friends". I could be their best friend if they only wanted it, just because of my personality. But I know they just drop contact with me after a couple of years.

I believe that polygamy and adultery and sodomy and infanticide and euthanasia are wrong, and that anyone who commits them or supports them in some way are committing a sin.
I see a lot of problems in so-called democracy and I agree with the title of one of my mom's books - Liberalism Is a Sin.

I believe in waiting until marriage. My mom does much research into various topics, and she's told me that, according to the world, the only people who don't do "it" are "ugly people and freaks".

Well, then - I guess I'm a freak then.

But you know what?

I'd rather pretend that Frodo Baggins and Eowyn and Lucy Pevensie and Reynie Muldoon and Kate Weatherall and Laura Ingalls and Albert Quinn and Rebecca (from the amazing "I Thirst") and Harry Sandwith and Taran and Eilonwy and Belle and Rapunzel and Flynn Rider and ___________________ are my friends. And, hey, I can even pretend that I am acquainted with Taylor Swift, Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero.
Well...I'm a geek then.
I'd rather stay true to the ideals of the Catholic Church, which has weathered every storm and lasted longer than any other religious institution (the Jews are more of a race). It has created the most beautiful art, architecture, and music, and has promoted virtue instead of vice. The Golden Rule comes from none other than the Church (although the world would like to forget it).

I'd rather live under a good Catholic monarch than someone like Obama or Steven Harper or Elizabeth II.

I'd rather wait for someone who will love me for me than giving myself to someone who will just dump me in a year or two (or even less than that). I agree with Jordan (from Messy Mondays)'s example: It's like going to a store and seeing a chocolate bar that you really, really, REALLY want...and you can't contain your desire for it so you take the chocolate and eat it right there in the aisle. And then you go to the cash register and say, "I ate a chocolate bar. But I was going to pay for it..."

And this is the beginning of a tag called "politically incorrect".


  1. Oh no, another controversial post with no comments? :P I really like that example from Blimey Cow - they are awesome.

  2. I know! It's sad. :-/

    Same here. :)


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