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Friday, June 28, 2013

British Brownies and Girl Guides ditch God from their oath

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

British Brownies and Girl Guides ditch God from their oath

Written by Allan Lee

British Brownies and Girl Guides will no longer promise to "love God" in the oath taken by members.
There are more than half a million members of the 102-year-old organization, and the oath hasn't changed in nearly 20 years.

However, from September, British Girl Guides will promise "to be true to myself and develop my beliefs and to serve my Queen and my community".

The organization says the old promise (which read "I promise that I will do my best: to love my God, to serve the Queen and my country, to help other people and to keep the Guide law) put some people off because of the faith reference.

The lobby group Christian Concern told the Independent Newspaper that taking God out of the promise denies the history and foundations of the movement without offering anything in its place, with the result that the organization will lose its distinctive ethos and end up meaning nothing. Spokeswoman Andrew Minichiello Williams – who was once a Brownie herself – says the promise now sounds like a self-help manual. "The oath was there to help develop character, love of country and love of God. Why have they become so embarrassed about that? ", she asks.


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