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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Lot Has Happened...

What has happened since I posted on here last? Well, let's go through a checklist.

Getting through the Bio diploma - CHECK
Surviving a flood from large amounts of rain - CHECK
Not having to do my math diploma - CHECK
Done highschool...forever - CHECK

Bio went okay, but I'm sure it's item number two that you're all curious about. Yes, I'm fine. Fortunately, we live in a community that's on high ground, so we weren't affected, even though we live just above a community that is right beside the river. However, I have friends who weren't so lucky. I was happy to hear that a friend of mine who lives in that community I just mentioned only had her basement flooded, and that her whole house was not destroyed. Yeah, the flooding was that bad. Apparently, worse than the flooding we had last time (that I was too young to remember). Now, in my city, we're waiting for the water to dissipate so people can get to work cleaning things up. The mayor insists that the festival-thing we have here every year WILL go on, though a lot of us can't see how that can possibly happen, as it happens in...something like a week. ............... Oh, and by the didn't make the news, so you probably didn't hear about it. That's why I'm posting about this...because I know I can get away with saying this much and you still won't know where I live. ;)

Best part - I got to miss my math diploma, which would have actually happened THIS MORNING. When my dad came down to tell me (Sunday afternoon) that I could stop studying, I didn't know how to react at first, the news was so amazing. :P

Anyways...I will post more later on, as I have an ortho appointment to go to and don't have much time to post at the moment. Byeeeez. :)

- Alyianna B. <3


  1. so glad you are all right!! :O

    Can't wait to hear more, and CONGRATULATIONS!!! wohooo!! :D


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