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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

US scientists develop smart RFID-enabled paper

1 May 2013

RFID-enabled banknotes could
help fight against counterfeits 

US scientists have developed a way to embed radio frequency identification chips on to paper that they say is quicker, cheaper and offers wider applications than current methods.

The technique could be used to prevent fraud as well as provide a new meaning to the term 'paper trail'.

The process uses lasers to transfer and assemble the chips on paper.

Such smart paper could be used for banknotes, legal documents, tickets and smart labels, the team said. (...)

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Alyianna's comment: I can just imagine a person who counterfeits money looking at this article and thinking, "Oh, man! I've got to find a way to get across this secret!"


  1. That's really cool. But does this mean that the way our money looks is going to change? :( I LIKE the way our bills look. lol...


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