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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Things That Say a Lot

I got this idea from a friend from school (go see her blog over here). I thought this was a neat idea to show the characteristics of a person, so I thought I'd do it. :)

Things that say a lot:

1. The way they treat a waiter/waitress: I would treat such a person just like anyone else. I would smile at him or her, and I would maybe talk a little to that person if I got over my shyness.

2. How they feel about the weather: My favourite weather is when it's summery and would be hot except there's a breeze blowing which makes it feel warm and I just feel: mmmmm.... But I do like other weathers, too. I like the feeling of wind in my hair, even though I know it'll be all messy and tangled afterwards. I love to watch dainty snowflakes falling down. Rain falling outside makes me feel calm inside. A small roll of thunder makes me think of rain....I don't like big thunderstorms with the freakish flashes of lightning and the HUGE claps of thunder that almost deafen you. Those scare me, believe it or not.

I took this picture somewhere in the mountains, and it reminds me so much of that scene in Fellowship of the Ring when the Fellowship go down the river in boats. Actually, there's a place like that underneath a bridge (for cars) that I see every time we come home from Mass, and I think the same thing every time I see it. :)

3. Whether they dog ear pages or highlight in books: NEVER. Books are my friends and I would never hurt them. I'll jump on people if I see them doing that to a book. When I want to mark my place, I'll use a pretty bookmark or a random piece of paper I come across.

4. fingernails: I would wear nail polish if I had the time to do it...I think it looks pretty. I wear my nails short. :)

5. and hands in general: My hands are small, and, if it's winter, they're either purple-ish from the cold (I have bad circulation) or chapped or red from being dry. In other words, my hands are a cross in the winter.

6. their preferred creative outlet: I love to make music videos...and perhaps dance a little. :)

I can't stay in that position too long. I get all stiff. :P And no, that's not me. ;)

7. how much they dread/enjoy talking on the phone: Well, I don't care for talking on the phone because I feel that I'm going to say something stupid or get tongue-tied or something.

8. whether or not they drink coffee: I just recently started drinking coffee on the weekends. I love it...but I do drink it with a whole lot of milk in it. I like it best that way. :)

I love coffee art. :)

9. if they ever forget to eat: Are you kidding? If my mom wasn't here to monitor me, I'd be a lot...err...wider...than I am now. It's one of my faults. *sighs mournfully*

10. how honest they are with themselves (and others): I try to be honest. Actually, I'm usually too honest. I'll tell everyone unecessary things...and that bothers my mom. xD

11. if they correct your grammar: I'm grammar nitpicky because of my mom. I try not to be anoying about it, though. And if my mom corrects MY grammar and complains about how bad it is (she was an English teacher, so don't wonder), then I'll sigh and slowly back away. Fine. Redo my whole work. I didn't realize it was that bad. You should see my friend's grammar, Mom.

12. whether or not they get nervous before haircuts: Anyway, my mom cuts my hair. We both dislike the occasion very much. But we don't get nervous...unless my mom does when thinking about what mistakes she'll make before she gets it all perfected. ;)

13. what articles are in their purse/bag and what size it is: My purse is about a regular size, I guess...maybe a little bigger. I've got my wallet in there, a coin purse, a cosmetic bag, two little notebooks and a pen, my little one-decade Rosary, a toothbrush in a case, and, when I go out, my headphones, iPod, and Kobo.

14. the way they wear their hair (style and length): My hair is mousey brown, and it's very thin, so I can't grow it too long or do anything too fancy with it. I usually wear it to a length of around my shoulders - straight down if I washed it recently, or in a ponytail.

Now THAT is a pretty and cute hairstyle. And a very gorgeous wallpaper, too, if I may go off the topic...

15. what their handwriting looks: Well, if I'm just writing for myself, I write very fast because I have too many ideas. :P At that time, it's so messy that sometimes even I can't tell what I wrote. If I'm writing for someone else, I'll make an attempt to go slower and it's pretty neat.

16. how they respond to awkward situations: I feel extremely awkward. I'll get all quiet and wish I could just disappear.

17. if they eat (lots) fruits and vegetables: I was raised on healthy food, so I love my fruits and veggies. :) Fruits are so sweet and yummy - I love Gala apples, pineapple, mango, kiwi, blueberries, ripe melon, and more. And vegetables are delicious, too. Ever since I was a child I've loved broccolli, which is pretty rare, I guess. Now my favourite vegetable is potato, but I love pretty much all vegetables. I do love junk food, too, though. ;) I see mango there? And pineapple? And grapes? And apple? And strawberries? And orange? xD

18. if they enjoy British TV shows: Well, I don't watch a whole lot of new stuff, but I'm pretty sure I would love them. I still have yet to watch Doctor Who, which my dad recommends to me very much. ;)

19. the way they deal with small children: Little kids are so cute and adorable. I'm happiest dealing with kids. When I went to this neighbourhood breakfast, I sat in the trampoline with a little girl around 2 or 3 and played with her for a lot of the time. For older kids (like around 10 or 12), I can feel like I'm the same age as them. :P

20. whether or not they smile at strangers: Duh. ;) I'll go around a store, and whenever, I catch the eye of someone, I'll smile at them. That's my bright and sunshiney nature for ya. ;)


  1. Do you like mashed potatoes? I know, stupid question.

  2. COOL Post! I do love rain, especially when I'm in a car and it's pouring, I don't know why but it makes me feel safe! And Pretty mountain pic! And Yes I totally agree! Never harm a book! Imagine how we'd feel if someone highlighted us! ;) The only thing related to coffee I consume is ice caps! And those my friend are heavenly! ;)

    Have a amazing day! :)

  3. To Anonymous:
    haha :P No question is ever stupid...and yes, I like mashed potatoes. :)

    To Voronda: Exactly! And I love iced coffee, too. :)

    Okey dokey - I will have to go check that out! :)


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