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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Love to Spam People with Music

THIS is my mom's absolute favourite song at the moment. I have to admit I like the song, as well (there you go, Mummy ;P).

My mom asked me to also post this video where Nathan talks about the song and the language of the song, so do please watch it. My moms asks that you do (well, actually, she didn't precisely ask, it anyway :P).

My favourite song at the moment is thiiiiiiis one. Just so you all know, I am back in my one "Il Volo mode" (after being in "Les Miserables", then "Once Upon a Time soundtrack" modes) - so the playlist of my favourite music on the side is probably going to change pretty soon. ;)

I REALLY want to learn it. Actually, this song, too.

Mummy went out with Daddy and Mia yesterday (when Mia went to her ballet lesson) last night, so I had time to sing and spam my followers on the Internet with posts such as:

Darn....whenever I'm home alone I always pick the hardest songs to sing...and then my vocal cords give up on me. Or rather, my throat feels all bunchy and I know I have to stop if I don't want to lose my voice. But for a second there, I sounded a bit like an opera singer....grrrrrrrrrr I wanted to continue that amazing feeling of going up so high!

Non farmi aspettare
Questo amore...


Come what may, come what maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Stuff I want to do this summer:

- improve my singing
- learn how to play the piano
- start learning some French to be ready for the fall
- learn Italian
- cook new delicious dishes
- learn to knit
- watch a whole lot of versions of Les Miserables and other musicals
- start actually uploading covers to my YouTube channel
- learn more web designing
- do some volunteer work
- do my annual LOTR read
- actually spend time on all those sites I have, esp. FB, Figment, Quibblo, and YouTube
- go on trips with my family
- finish a first draft of my book
- do little "camps" with my sister

Nope. Summer ain't long enough for me to do all that.

Keep calm and...


Okay, fine...I'll go off and finish cleaning. I won't spam you anymore. *restarts Non Farmi Aspettare for the _______th time*

Yes. I love to waste time.

Oh, and by the way, prayers for my Math unit test tonight would be appreciated.


  1. Aaaah! Nathan! He's the only person I liked in the Yanni voices. I liked the other people's songs, but you couldn't watch them live. Nathan's voice is just awesome. XD

    That's cool about the language of the song. *grin*

    I lurve Il Volo. LURVE.

    Oooooh, I KNOW that Jackie Evancho song! It's so much fun to sing. hehehe. I first heard it by a different singer though. Seriously, look up Mario Frangoulis singing it. I think one of my all time favorites that he does is "Dance." so if you like his voice (he reminds me a lot of Il Volo) listen to that one. It's SO pretty.

    So funny, I ALWAYS sing when I'm alone. I literally have my own performance, hairbush microphone and everything. And I warm up and tralala until they come home. What's the highest note you can hit?

    Summer sounds like it'll be super busy for you.

    GOOD LUCK on math, btw!


  2. That sounds like a really fun summer list! Good luck with all of these things, and hope you can do a lot of them (I totally get not doing everything in one summer :P)



  3. To Treskie:

    Yanni voices? I might have to check that out.

    I know, Treskie. I know. ;)

    I agree! And I will go check out this Mario. :P

    Me, too. Except I don't use the hairbrush microphone...I just sing without anything or I'll sometimes use the flipper for the stereo. I just have to be careful not to touch the buttons. xD Highest note...wait until I get out a virtual piano that tells me the notes and I'll let you know. :P

    Thanks! I think I did okay. :)

  4. To Arda:

    I hope so, too. ;) I know I'm going to get a start on French, at least because it's necessary for me to do so. :P But someday...someday I MUST learn Italian. ;D


    And that is how Alyianna disappeared. The End. xD


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