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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dog years: How do you calculate a dog's true age?

9 May 2013 

Dog years: How do you calculate a dog's true age?

By Ben Carter BBC News

It's often said that the age of dogs can be better understood by multiplying their age, in human years, by seven. But is that really true?

Meg, my West Highland Terrier died a couple of months ago. She'd reached the grand old age of 19 years and four months.

A few days later, I was reminded of the oft-quoted statistic that every human year equates to seven dog years. This mental calculation looms more largely in an owner's mind as a dog gets older, and thoughts turn to how long the pet has left.

But if that stat were really true then Meg would have been 135 years old when she died, which seems very unlikely.

No human is known to have lived beyond 122.

So if the seven dog years to one human year is wrong how do we work out an accurate calculation? (...)

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