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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chinese tourists warned over behaviour abroad

17 May 2013

More Chinese are travelling abroad than ever before

A senior Chinese Communist Party official has called for Chinese tourists to behave more politely when travelling abroad.

Wang Yang, one of China's four vice-prime ministers, said the "uncivilised behaviour" of some Chinese tourists was harming the country's image.

Among problems he singled out were talking loudly in public and spitting.

However, the BBC's Celia Hatton in Beijing says some Chinese complain they are treated badly abroad.

Foreign travel is becoming ever more popular among China's increasingly affluent citizens. (...)

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  1. LOL! Well..... I'm sorry they get treated badly.... But they are the rudest people when they're tourists. Where I live, we get TONS of Chinese people visiting and it's just... they are not polite.

    So that made me laugh. I'm ashamed. LOL

  2. Unfortunately, I may just have to agree with you. ;)

    I love how you say what you think and don't care, Treskie. xD

  3. Hehe... Am I really outspoken?! Weird.

    I tagged you, btw. :D

  4. You remind me of my mom in that respect. :)

    I saw! I shall hopefully get an answer to that soon. :)


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