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Monday, May 27, 2013

Books, Music, & What's Coming My Way

Well, this was another of those don't-post-for-a-few-days weekends. Why? I got sick again Friday night. Fortunately, my vocal cords weren't affected so I can still sing. ;) Unfortunately, we had to leave my dad's nameday dinner until Sunday instead of Saturday because my stomach was/is still recovering.

On the bright side, I was able to finish my first G. A. Henty book (about the Reign of Terror in France), and it was REALLY GOOD. I'll be doing a review about it on my reviews blog, so check there for that review. And if you don't know the link for it, ask me in the comments below.

My sister and I decided to start a little book challenge (aka we give each other ten of our own books and we have to read them). Since I had time to read in the car, I was able to read two of Mia's books (aka The Twits by Roal Dahl and a Christian historical fiction). Of course, she already finished at least two of my books (aka a book about St. Therese and a Farley Mowat book) because she has lots of time to read. I was able to sneak a Percy Jackson book and a Kit Pearson book in my sister's pile. *wink wink*

Trinity Sunday was special because there was a little ceremony before Mass - an eighteen-year-old Orthodox guy became a member of the Catholic Church. The words were beautiful - and I almost wished that I could be a part of something like that that. :P

On Saturday, Mia and I had made an apple cake with an oatmeal muffin mix, and we had some of it on Sunday. It was delicious. :) My mom spiced up some chicken breast, made pasta with mushroom sauce, rice, and potato soup (my dad likes those foods ---- and apple pie).

What else is new? *muses* Well, school is getting a lot more hectic, so don't expect too many more "me" posts until the end of June. ESPECIALLY in a few weeks. My graduation ceremony is in TWO WEEKS. I still can't believe it's so near. Then the next week gets very hectic, with a test on every single day of the week except for Wednesday and the weekend. Then I have more tests the week after that, and my math final finishing it up the week after that. So yes, I have my work cut out for me. As long as I can make my essays politically correct enough, Social shouldn't be too bad because I don't usually do too badly on the multiple choice part. I usually do pretty well in math...but Bio. *shudders* I am NOT looking forward to studying for that - especially going back to that dumb reproduction unit.


And that should about cover all that's new with me. :) I'll finish off with a song for Monday that a friend shared with me. The song is lovely by itself...not so sure about when you put it into perspective of the book/movie it's for...


  1. That is so beautiful, that that man converted to Catholic! such joy!!

    Hope you feel better real soon.A nd looking forward to tour book review. the cover looks neat!

  2. I know! :)

    I am pretty much all better now, I'm glad to say. :) The book review is on my reviews blog now - I look forward to hearing what you think of it. ;)

  3. Sorry you got sick! But glad you're feeling better.

    That's great about the guy coming into the church!

    That. food. sounds. really. good. And I'm not even hungry :P

    Good luck with the rest of school! You can totally do it! :D

  4. Me, too. ;) Obviously. :P

    I would ask you to come to my country and try it...but we finished it last night. Sorry. xD

    I hope so. ;) Only a couple more weeks left!


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