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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What’s so bad about Kermit Gosnell?

by Murray Vasser        

April 14, 2013

Kermit Gosnell

On Friday, the social media campaign to bring attention to the Gosnell trial sparked a flood of outrage against the late-term abortionist. Even many of those who identify as pro-choice expressed disgust over Gosnell’s actions. This puzzles me.

The fact of the matter is that Kermit Gosnell is not very extraordinary.

Consider the testimony from the trial which shocked the nation:

    -Gosnell decapitated hundreds of babies with scissors after they were born.
    -Gosnell kept pieces of the babies in jars as souvenirs.
    -A nurse witnessed a baby screaming during such a procedure.

Now, it is true that what Gosnell did is technically illegal in America. Despite the efforts of Barack Obama and Planned Parenthood, abortion doctors are not supposed to kill babies outside their mothers. However, there is absolutely nothing illegal or unusual about decapitating babies or cutting off their hands and feet. Furthermore, while the nurses and doctors cannot usually hear them screaming, there is nothing unusual about babies writhing and struggling during these procedures. (...)

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