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Friday, April 26, 2013

TV star says abortion led to a life of self-harm

'Oh God, I killed my baby': TV star Gemma Collins says abortion led to a life of self-harm

by Kirsten Andersen

    Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:39 EST

LONDON, U.K., April 25, 2013 ( – British reality TV star Gemma Collins opened up to the media this week about an abortion she had when she was in her 20s, saying the guilt she felt led her to a life of self-harm that included cutting herself and binge eating. She told NOW Magazine that, even now at 32, she wonders if her recent miscarriage was divine retribution.

Collins said she aborted her baby when she was three months pregnant, worrying that the child might have birth defects because of medication she had been taking. (...)

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  1. I have a little bit of sympathy for people like that.

    But in my deepest heart, I'm usually thinking, JUSTICE! Because... they DID kill their baby and they get what they get.

    I feel bad about that.... maybe I should be nicer.

    I'm glad she sees it for what it is though, and that she's speaking out. :)


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