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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Hair Post :)

Well, here (finally) is my HAIR post for Gwen's giveaway! Well, not exactly just mine. This post is an entry for me and Mia because Mia doesn't have a blog.

First of all, here is my lovely Eowyn hairstyle. Mia did my hair.

Photo courtesy of Mia.

It is based, as you all should know from my previous post, on this image.

Then here is Maria's Cosette hairstyle. I did her hair. :)

Photo courtesy of me ;)

Mia looking at my Taylor Swift calendar

So what do you think? I didn't mess up the hairstyles too much, did I? ;)


  1. These are lovely! I'm so glad you did them!

  2. Oh! That's so pretty! I think our hair is about the same length! :) If only I had the patience to do nice hair styles! The only hairstyles I do is braid, ponytail and straight! LOL!

  3. To Gwen, Treskie, and Katy: Thanks. :)

    To Voronda: Really! That's pretty cool...yeah, I can't do too much fancy things with hair because I'm not too good with such things. :P So this was a challenge. :)

  4. Same!!!! I flunk at doing my own hair, and my sisters' hair doesn't work, so I don't get much practice. Nice to know that I'm not alone!


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