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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Box: Albert Ingalls vs. Enjolras :P

Soo...what's new with me?

I went to the library last night, partly to get some books for research on my newest WIP that you can read about here and here. I ended up finding around four books on the subject I wanted (and three of them probably won't be really any help), but I've got about eight on hold at the library at the moment. I found two Les Mis musical CDs and some piano books. Two of them were "learn to play" books, one of which I started glancing at this morning. I have already learned what quarter, half, eighth, and sixteenth notes look like, and I can already see a whole new world of possibilities opening. ;)

Then I found two Les Mis and two Sound of Music piano books. Not that I can play at the moment, but I can sing the songs, at least. I never realized how many piano books they have at the library! I even saw one for one of Mummy's favourite groups, Il Divo! So now that it's Easter break, I am going to try and instill the good habit of getting myself to practice the piano every day and LEARN so that I can play all these awesome songs. :)

I also got Season 5 of Little House on the Prairie, so Mia and I started watching one of the episodes last night - the one where the Ingalls move to the city, to be exact. The scene where Laura met Albert was the cutest thing ever. Actually, that's not true...Albert is the cutest thing ever since little Elijah Wood. xD

On the left, young Albert; on the right, Elijah as Huck Finn

Ah, my beautiful box on fanfictions. ;) Though really, last night, it was switching between Albert as Mia and I watched and Enjolras as I read the next two chapters on an ongoing Eponine/Enjolras fanfiction. (What?! Enjolras would have been way better for Eponine than Marius...he was too engrossed in Cosette anyway. :P)

However, I must go now. Namare for now!

- Alyianna


  1. Ah, I didn't know Elijah Wood was Huck Finn. D'aaaww. He was freaking adorable.

    Enjolras would have been good for Eponine. Too bad they both died before they got to that point. *scowl*

  2. Definitely. :D

    Yeah. *sad face* I'm doing one of my characters in my newest WIP with Enjolras in mind. :P


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