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Monday, April 22, 2013

Tagged Again :)

I was tagged by Chelsea over at The Young Catholic Author.

1) Thank the person who nominated you.
2) Post 11 facts about yourself.
3) Answer the 11 questions the person who nominated you asked.
4) Ask the people you tag to answer 11 questions.
5) Nominate 11 bloggers.

1) Thanks, Chelsea! ;)
2) I'm going to use at least the first few of the facts as a way of an update on me.
       1. I'm not going to be taking that choral class from college because it's late in the night. Before you ask me how I feel about that, I'll answer: ........WHY DID THEY HAVE TO PUT ALL PERFORMANCE CLASSES AT NIGHT?!
       2. I'm going to be taking French at college because I have to take a language. I'm pretty excited about that because I like the sound of French and I'd love to be able to speak it. I watched a video on French language and learned how to say "How are you?" in French..."Comme se vou?" I felt like Madeleine from the children's books/movies when I said it...wi, wi. :)
      3. I do not have my learners yet...but my dad got me a book and I am going to start studying for it! :)
      4. It may seem odd, but I really like Eponine and her odd way of greeting Marius and picking up all the objects in his room when she delivers the letter to him.
Eponine delivering a letter to Marius from her father
      5. I am FINALLY 52% through Les Miserables...and proud of it. ;)
      6. I DETEST high school. I feel like the life is being squeezed out me...but then I go on this blog, do a tag like this, and I'm revived for a while. Thank you for keeping me alive, Chelsea.
     7. I have an eraser I always use. It's from this package of erasers which seem to be the only ones that work. Then Mia took one of those erasers and put a LOTR picture on it, the picture of Frodo and Sam in the cornfield. Frodo is on one side of the eraser, and Sam is on the other. It is my precioussss...
     8. I am in math elive at this moment, waiting for the teacher to grab another question.
     9. I am happy it is Friday, and even happier that I have only a couple more questions of Bio to do, and I'm getting pretty close to be doing Math for the week, too. THIS HARDLY EVER HAPPENS, PEOPLE.
    10. Math has been so imprinted in my life in the last few months that it drives me crazy when a person mispronounces "theta". So unacceptable. :P
    11. After Les Miserables, I want to see all the musicals I can.

3) Answer Chelsea's questions:
1) If you woke up to find yourself stranded on an island, what would you do? I would probably think it was just a dream. Then I would figure out it was real and figure out I was stranded. Then I would get really freaked out and cry and pray to God. Then, when I had calmed down and seen my situation, I would probably start exploring and find a tree to climb us so that wild animals don't eat me. Maybe make a little house in it.
2) How many languages do you speak? English, a little Polish, a word or two of Elvish, French, and Spanish - and soon French. ;)
3) Where is your favourite place to shop for clothes? I don't really have a favourite place. I have too many clothes, anyway...
4) Do you still watch Disney? Heck, yes!
5) Which do you prefer of the following: Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? I don't really use any of them a whole lot.
6) What's your favourite season? SUMMER!!!
7) Have you ever been in a play? Sort of...when there was this Christmas party with my dad's work when I was pretty young, there was a little play and they had some children involved in it. But that doesn't really count...I wish I could be. Especially if it was a musical. ;)
8) If you were to be granted 3 wishes, what would you choose? 1. To be a better person. 2. To have a TARDIS that also allows me to travel to fantasy worlds. 3. Peace in the world.
9) Would you rather live in Narnia, Middle Earth, or Wonderland? Middle Earth, duh. ;)
10) Are you hungry right now? Not really. I had breakfast about an hour ago.
11) Would you rather be attacked by a flaming flamingo, or dragon llama? A dragon llama. A flaming flamingo sounds pretty scary. :P

4) My questions for the people I tag:

1) What would you say/do/feel if you heard that I was deciding not to blog anymore?
2) (Don't worry, I'm not going to stop. :P That was just a question out of curiosity.) What is your dream house like?
3) What was one of your favourite movies as a child?
4) If you could make a gingerbread house for any type of fandom that you wished, what would you create?
5) What would your dream world be like? (Yes, you can borrow things from places like Narnia, Wonderland, Middle Earth, etc. etc. etc.)
6) Which of these people do you think would be the hardest foe to conquer and why? The Wicked Witch of the West, the Queen of Hearts, or the Giant in Puss and Boots?
7) I'm going to have you listen to two songs. Who sings "Bring Him Home" better - Hugh Jackman or Susan Boyle?
8) What are you going to do your mother for Mother's Day? (You can skip this question if you know your mother reads your blog. :D)
9) What movie are you looking forward to most this year?
10) What's your favourite music album at the moment?
11) What qualities does your dream husband have. ;)
Should I answer these questions? :D

5) The bloggers I tag :)
1) Ellie over at Blue Jeans & Teen Dreams
2) Voronda over at A Believer's Journey
3) Juliet of A Purple Sky
4) Gwen of Alberta Girl
5) the owner of Nessima's Realm
6) the owner of In Western Lands
7) Sierra
8) Cait & Mime
9) A writer who blogs at Petticoats & Muckboots
10) A Catholic girl who blogs at The Young Catholic Author
And last, but not least...
11) Treskie :)

Wow...girls. Your music and videos that play automatically are freaking me out. I have to remember not to go to your blogs again with headphones on. :P


  1. Thanks for tagging me! I don't usually do tags but this one seems fun! I appreciate your support so much, it makes me smile every time I see a comment from you in my inbox. :D

  2. Thank You! :) OHH! Cool! I take French and am quite good at it if I do say so myself. Je Vous aime mon amie! ;) And I don't wanna sound braggy but I also already have my learners too! ;)

    I know how you feels girly! High School is a hardship! But we shall persevere!

    LOL! A dragon llama sounds scarier to me! :)

    Have a wonderful day! And I'll answer these questions soon! :)
    >----> Voronda

  3. haha that's okay ;)

    Sure thing! By the way, I have my letter ALMOST finished. ;)

  4. Thank you for the tag! :D French sounds cool (I used to love Madeleine!)! Hang in there with high school - sorry it's been hard. :( Nice post!

  5. You're welcome! And thanks - I am definitely waiting eagerly for my graduation. ;)


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