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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Once Upon a Post

After that serious post yesterday, it is time for something a little more fun, yes? I actually just realized that I'm doing a lot more "me posts" recently. Well, you lovely followers certainly deserve them. :)

Treskie just alerted me to the existence of a TV show that looks very frabjous. Actually, I did know about it before. I saw the trailer when the show was coming out because that was back when I wasn't able to get rid of YouTube ads. I thought it looked very cool, but my dad thought it just looked like the average cheesy trash. But then yesterday, I came across Treskie's post and saw that she recommended highly. So I spent most of my free time last night watching clips and I think this show looks sooo good! Yes, yes, I know...once I get interested in something, I need to find as much about it as I can. I cannot stop myself from spoiling things for myself.

What is this TV show's name?

The name is oh so frabjous! My dad hasn't even looked into it (so I haven't really watched it), and I'm already becoming a fan.

ESPECIALLY of Rumbelle.

Smeagol: Oh, yes, we loves those cuteses couple names, don't we, precious?
Gollum: SHUT UP! No we, don'ts! It's so stupid! @*)#*%*!
Me: Wow better go wash your mouth. (Note: I didn't have any word in mind. I just randomly typed down a whole bunch of characters. Just so you know.)

Who is Rumbelle, you may ask? Belle & Rumpelstilstkin - the new Beauty and the Beast. I've watched some videos of them...AND. I. JUST. LOVE. Their song is "Distance" by Christina Perri. I just happened to listened to it last night and as soon as I heard it, me was like:


I feel like the Holy Ghost was directing my hand towards clicking on that song. That couldn't have just been a random coincidence.

Rumpelstilstkin is oh so creepy but I love how Belle is his saviour...the one who melts the ice from his heart, the one who makes him realize that power isn't so important to him.

I'm also digging all the parallels between this show and Disney movies. Such as Belle and Cinderella's dresses that match the ones they wear in the Disney movies. Or the chipped cup.


  1. I'm fangirling so much right now, Alyianna!!! I LOVE Rumbelle. And that song IS Perfect. Sniff. :D

    I noticed that too, with the costumes coinciding with the Disney cartoons. XD XD I Freaking LOVED Belle's blue dress and that cloak she wears is beauteous. Aren't Rumpel's costumes amazing? They're so cool.

    I did forget to mention a weird love triangle going on between the Snow, the Prince, and another lady in the real world. (slight spoiler: the evil queen makes it look like Charming and the other lady are married) I didn't have that much bother with it, since everyone is under a spell and the marriage was just an illusion, but it bothered my sister. I just thought I'd give you a warning. :)

    Stop watching clips though! You're going to ruin stuff! :D lol.


  2. YES! Fellow fangirl! ;)

    Oh, yes - I loved Belle's flowery cloak (the one when she meets the Evil Queen on the road, I don't know if she wears it anytime else because I've only watched clips here and there, obviously). Yeah, Rumpel's clothes are pretty cool, too...though I have to admit I've been paying more attention to his creepy but yet somehow charming (don't mind me, xD) behavior. :P

    Yeah, I saw a teeny bit of that in one clip I saw. I wasn't quite sure what to think - probably between you and your sister. I guess it would bother me, but it's all just a fake thing put up by the Evil Queen so...

    xD Yeah, I know - I already pretty much ruined Les Mis for myself. Well, not actually, know. xD I shall try...but it is hards, dad better look into this show and get me Season 1 SOON!

    - Alyianna B.


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