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Thursday, April 18, 2013

O Frabjous Tag!

The Notebook Sisters have a parcel game for their blog party, which involves a tag.

Not only can you do this tag for fun, if you do it, you can win a fantasy book that looks very good!

So, without further ado, I shall go onto the tag. Anyone who wants to do this tag is welcome to do it, and I'd love to see your answers. :)

1. Name your top 5 favourite YA authors! Well, I'm not too big a reader of YA (unless it's Christian/Catholic), but here we go!

1. Regina Doman (author of the Fairy Tales Stories Retold series; did you hear she has a new book out? EEEP!)
2. Christian M. Frank (actually a group of writers, one of them Regina Doman's husband - actually, Regina edits the JP2High books)
3. Robin Jones Gunn (author of the Sierra Jensen and Christy Miller series)
4. Kathryn Lasky - I really enjoyed  her book Hawksmaid and the Royal Diaries books she wrote.
5. For this last one, I'll give a couple of authors, and hopefully one of them counts as YA. Kit Pearson. Rick Riordan. Gail Carson Levine.

2. What's the last YA book you read and what did you think of it? Don't know if it counts, but yesterday I read the three-chapter preview for Regina Doman's new book, Rapunzel Let Down, and I was really impressed so far (of course). Beyond that, I don't read a whole lot of YA, so I'm not sure what would be the latest book I read from that genre. It probably was one of the Sierra Jensen books when I was re-reading the series. :)

3. What's your favourite YA genre? (Dystopian, romance, sci-fi, contemporary, etc.) Okay, I enjoy romance if mixed with other elements or if it is Christian/Catholic - otherwise it's just gross. Besides that, I love anything with an adventure or mystery element to it. :)

4. Let's talk characters! Pick a character you love and tell us why? I'm guessing since all of the other questions involve something dealing with YA, this one does, too. One of my favourite YA characters would be Celia Costain because I can totally relate to her. When all her friends are going into the girlfriend/boyfriend thing, she feels alone, but she gives her heart to God and is ready to wait. She dresses modestly (like I do) and feels out-of-place when other people laugh at her for her "old-fashioned" values, but gets through it as best as she can with God's help.

5. Top YA villain? Ooh - that's hard! Would I be cheating if I said the villain of my beloved FOTN, Daniel Hill? He's a really scary guy. *sigh* I'm guessing that probably doesn't count, so let me think... Okay! I've got one - James from the JP2High books. Those of you who know the books may say, "Alyianna, he may antagonistic to all the other characters, but that doesn't make him a villain!" NUH-UH! Don't you remember near the ending of the last book? SPOILER: I am so sure that he's the shooter!

6. Top YA couple? That's easy! Rose and Fish (his actual name is Ben) from the Fairy Tales Retold series. Their story is pretty chaotic. Rose has liked Fish, her brother-in-law, for some time. However, Fish finds Rose immature and has no interest in her at all. Then Rose hits her head and falls into a coma - and when she doesn't wake up, Fish realizes that he actually does love Rose. This is not your mushy romance, and it's appropriate and pure and...lovely. :) Oh, and why is Ben called Fish? He's very Fish-y, able to wriggle out of very bad situations, as seen in the first book, The Shadow of the Bear.

7. With dystopian on the decline, what do you think will be the next hot-trend in YA? As I said, I don't really follow YA, so I dunno. Science fiction? Maybe historical fiction. :D

8. What's the next YA book on your to-be-read pile? Rapunzel Let Down. ;)

9. What's the fastest time you've ever finished reading a book in? (And what was the book?!) Oh, that's an easy one. When I have sick days, I can read at least one book (and maybe two or three). It was Nancy Drew books that I finished so quickly. :)

10. (And now for the burning question) Do you think books should be sorted according to colour or title? (This matters.) Oooh...well, I used to sort my books by title...until I got too many. :P Colour is a pretty cool idea...I may just do that someday. ;)


  1. YES!! Regina Doman is amazing. She's a pen-and-ink angel. ;)

  2. Kathryn Lasky is very cool. :) I think I read some of her royal diaries (I'm not sure which one exactly was hers... I think the one with the Japanese princess? Anyway. Whichever one I read that she wrote, it was good.) Wow, that sounded complicated. ;)

    Thanks for doing our tag!!!

  3. Oo! Rupunzel? I love fairy-tale retellings, I may just have to look that up. Thanks for doing the tag! (Good luck in the giveaway drawing too....eep!) Reading 2 or 3 books in one day? That's pretty good! I read 2 books one day, but they were really skinny, and rereads, so I didn't have to concentrate too hard. ;)

  4. To Chelsea: I know! :D

    To Mime: Yes, very. ;) No, thank YOU for having this amazing giveaway! :)

    To Cait: Definitely do, and her other, books, too! :) It's better if you read them in order.

  5. I haven't read a lot of those. *rushes frantically to the library*

  6. Cool! I love Celia too!! Not sure about James...there's a lot pointing to it, but is it too obvious? Aggg I don't know, but anyway nice post. :)

  7. :O You HAVE those books at the library, Treskie? None of the Catholic books I mention are at mine... :-/ I wish they were, though!

    Thanks Arda! Maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions...or maybe not. ;)

  8. I'm not sure if they're at the library. I'm going to check. :D

  9. I may just ask my library to get them. ;)


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