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Friday, April 26, 2013

My Life in Les Miserables

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Some of these things have happened, and others have not. Hope you enjoy and find it amusing...and stay tuned for the frabjous memes at the end. :D

Math Teacher: Can anyone suggest a random number for us to use?
Me: 24601!!!

Mom: UGH! Now I have cereal all over the floor? What have I done...?
Me: ...sweet Jesus, what have I done?!

Random Person: Hey, dude, did you hear about the protest that took place downtown?
Me: Another brawl in the square, another stink in the air...!

Fellow Student: I'm really sick of all this schoolwork...
Me: Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men! It is the music of students who will  NOT be slaves again!

Mom: It looks like it's going to rain. Better take an umbrella.
Me: A little fall of rain can hardly hurt me now.

*I hear about all the meat recalls in the news*
Me: *sarcastic voice* Food beyond compare, food beyond belief. Kidney of a horse, liver of a cat. Filling up the sausages with this and that!

And, finally, something that I image WILL happen:
So relatable. :P

*day before last final exam*
*stepping outside the exam room the next day*
Me: Freedom at strange it is.
*thinking about those teachers who swamped me with homework*
Me: Never forgive them for what they have done...they are the guilty, every one!
*stepping into the car when my dad comes to pick me up*
Me: Now let's see...what this new world will do for me...

And now on to the memes...first some ones that I love...just because...and then funny ones afterwards.

*sighs in a fangirl way*

I find this both funny and sort of cute. ;)

This one made me laugh so hard it's probably not healthy. :P

And this one, too.

Maybe it's ridiculous, but I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this one. :P

And that's it! Hope you found this funny, and that it brightened your morning (or afternoon...or evening...wherever you are). :D

TTFN! Ta-ta for now! ;)


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