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Saturday, April 6, 2013


Monday I go back to school...a very depressing thought indeed. For the first time, I really know what my dad feels when he says that if he has a one week break from work, it feels like he's just gotten used to living normally and he really needs another week off to be able to start relaxing. I just know that by the time I have finished my finals at the end of the year I'll be like:

Banner made by me ;)

Anyway, I finally sent off my application off to the college I want to go (called St. Mary's, but not known too well). I got an automatic email back telling me that I would get an email with login info to the website and then soon a letter back telling me if I'm actually accepted. I already got the login info, and since it doesn't make sense to me that I would be given login info if I'm not accepted to the here's hoping. ;)

I've been trying to make decisions for the courses I want to take for my English major and minor in General Sciences. It also looks like I'll have to take four courses in either French or Spanish. I'm thinking on taking French.

And then something very exciting - I saw that the college has a few musical/choral courses in which I could be part of a choir, get vocal training, and learn to read music. If I could do that, it would pretty much be a dream come true. Imagine - VOCAL TRAINING! And getting to be part of a choir that sings at special events, etc. I think I could bear doing the Math and Chemistry my parents want me to do in college AND those French courses if I could only do those music courses. :) I feel so excited even though it may not work and very blessed that I might have such an opportunity.

I must go because I have a lot of things to do, but I just wanted to let you all know about that exciting news. :)

Talk to you all later!

Listening to: Highlights from Les Mis musical (from the library)...not quite sure what I think about it. I like the movie soundtrack much better.
Next on my list to do: Answer my first letter from Voronda. :)
Reading (recently): Les Mis, of course, but also the study guide for my learners that my dad bought me yesterday.
Watching (recently): Little House on the Prairie with Mia
What my desk looks like: Extremely messy - one pile is a notebook and one of my research books from the library and my iPod Touch on the top. Another pile is some CDs from the library and LHOP Season 5. Then I've got the paper holder thing with three sliding out drawer-thingies that Daddy bought me because he got so fed up of all my papers scattered all over the house. :P


  1. How very cool!!! All of it! :)

  2. Will pray that if it is God's will, you get an acceptance letter. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed reading your entry. :D

  3. Thanks ever so much, Hilda. :) Glad you both liked the post!

  4. That's really exciting about college! The musical opportunities the school has sound really cool. :)(your desk sounds cleaner than mine lol)

  5. Wow...I thought my desk was the messiest desk ever. :P


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