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Friday, March 22, 2013

Whoop-de-doo! (The Countdown)

So...this is late news according to me, but new news for you. It's just so hard to be able to post an "update of me" post during the week because of my math elives half an hour after I get up. *sigh* But anyway...

My mom has decided she likes the Les Mis soundtrack! :D Which may not seem so great to you, but when my mom first listened to some of the songs, she didn't really like them. And my sister claims she hates everything about Les Mis now because I keep talking and talking and TALKING about it all the time. And my dad...well, he says he doesn't care for musical stuff too much. And I HATE it when I'm the only one in the house that likes my music...meaning I can pretty much only listen to it on my headphones because I don't want to offend other people's ears. But last Saturday, I played some of my Les Mis songs in my room while I was cleaning and then when I came down, I asked my mom if they didn't sound too bad (with a sly meaning behind them ;P). My mom said that she didn't think so, and I asked her if I could play her some songs when we were making supper then, and she said yes, as long as Mia was okay with it. Mia very begrudingly allowed me to play some songs...and then I ended up playing the whole soundtrack. :P And then my mom said those lovely words which started this paragraph. :)

That's not it! That same night, I found that there is a deluxe soundtrack for Les Mis with around 20 more songs! :O So I quickly pre-ordered it with my allowance money (it came out on Monday or Tuesday or something like that)...and now I am eagerly and impatiently waiting for my package to come. It's supposed to arrive on the I go around the house singing "Five Days More!" Oh, and...I've actually started writing a song about that. xD Here's some of need to sing it to the tune of "One Day More" from Les Mis, by the way. ;)

Actually...wait...I won't. I'm going to post it on the day before my package is supposed to arrive to make you all WANT to see it. ;) I'll have a Les Mis countdown! :D

And just to make you all even more curious, here is the title of the song I will post on Tuesday:

One Day More - the Waiting Song
(LOTR Characters Like Les Mis, too!)

Oh...and it's always best to have some wisdom from Boromir, so...

Talk to you all tomorrow. ;)

P.S. What do you all think of this countdown idea? :)


  1. LOL! I love the countdown idea! I have yet to watch Les Mis and I hope I get to do so soon.

  2. That's a good idea! I know the feeling. My parents aren't into the kind of music my siblings and I listen to. When they play their kind of music on the van we all just have to put up with it. We can't even listen to our kind of music in the van because then it ends up being changed. :(

    That's a cool one, the pic about Boromir, lol.

  3. Ugh don't you just hate that? xD

    Yes, you should definitely watch it, Spork! (Yeah, yeah...I know, I know. I'm recommending it when I haven't even watched it yet. xD)

    God bless,
    - Alyianna


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