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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Very Busily Yours

Soo...I thought some of you might like to know how I'm doing. The answer is, very busy. I am struggling with school to the point that I may have to give up my choir practice on Wednesdays...and it isn't even close to finals time (obviously).

Alyianna's List of Things She is Behind In
- everything

What Needs to be Done to Get Un-Behind
- finish seven more pages of Bio homework
- write two paragraphs for Bio assignment
- do a Bio quiz
- study for Bio unit test on Tuesday
- do one and half sections of Math (I still don't understand why my teacher decided to triple our Math homework on Friday)
- read the textbook, watch videos for Social Studies on communism, fascism, etc.
- do as many hours of reading Catholic history for Special Projects as I can (at least that's interesting, but, sadly, it's not one of my top priorities - the top three things are due Sunday midnight, for example)

So now you can see how really behind I am. At this point, you may be wondering why I am still on here typing away. Well, since I pushed myself last night and didn't even take a break to watch some more of Road to Avonlea with Mia, I decided I could take a spare moment to update you about me.

Before I go...I just wanted to say that I started reading Les Miserables on Gutenberg yesterday at my lunch break. So far, I am very impressed. As far as I have gotten (about seven or eight chapters), the book is talking about this very holy bishop. He keeps hardly any money for himself, and uses most of it for charitable reasons. Here are few little anecdotes (in my own words) about this bishop that I enjoyed very much!

Anecdote 1
The bishop's housekeeper thought he should ask for money to get a carriage (as was due to him, being a bishop) so that he could go around visiting people more easily. The bishop told her, "Yes, you are right." So he sent a letter to this certain person. He got the money, but he also got a snarky letter back accusing him of being corrupt and wanting riches just like other priests. But what this person didn't know was that the money did not go to buying a carriage - it was used for one of the bishop's other charitable expenditures!

Anecdote 2
The bishop had gone to visit the local hospital (that had three rooms) and he had noticed how little room there was for the sick, disabled, etc. people there. He invited the director of the hospital to his fine, large house. As the two talked, the bishop brought up the subject of how crowded the hospital was. "Yes, I know," the director sighed. "You know what..." said the bishop. "I think you have my house and I have yours. Please give me back my house, you will be much more comfortable here." And so it was arranged, the Bishop moving into the small house that was once the hospital.

Anecdote 3
The bishop was going on a trip to a small mountainous village to preach to "his friends" there. Everyone warned him against going, there was a group of villainous bandits in those mountains, who had even stolen from a cathedral. However, the bishop would not be persuaded into not going. He trusted that God would protect him. Once there in the little village, the bishop found out that there were not vestments (I can't remember what it was, I'll just pretend it was that) for him to say Mass. The village people were very embarrassed  Just then, a chest was delivered to the bishop from some unknown person. The bishop opened the chest - and what do you suppose he found? The beautiful vestments, chalice, etc. that had been stolen from the cathedral! On top of these precious items was a note from the chief bandit himself, offering the contents of the chest to the bishop.

I really must go now. Until next time!

Very busily yours,


  1. Well It sucks that you're behind! But I hope you catch up with enough time to stay with choir! :)

  2. That IS a lot!! :O Good luck and may the holy spirit illuminate you so you can breeze through your work without problems. :)

    That was from the book Miserables? sounds so interesting.

  3. Thanks Voronda! It really depends with what the choir master says because there really isn't any way I can still go to those Wednesday practices. I'll have to see if he's okay with me only coming to the practices before Mass...if not, I'll have to quit for now. :-/

    Hi Hilda. :) I could definitely use some guidance from the Holy Spirit now. :)

    Yes, those little anecdotes were from Les Miserables, in my own words. :)

    God bless you both!
    - Alyianna


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